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On a regular basis, CaSE carries out research and compiles reports or briefing documents to support campaigns. We also publish open letters and responses to consultations as well as a variety of other agenda-setting publications.



Principles on the treatment of independent scientific advice provided to government
Briefing: December 2009

Reaching 2.5% of GDP on R&D
Briefing: December 2009

Statement on the proposal to include impact assessment within the Research Excellence Framework
Briefing: December 2009

Notes on the Cambridge Cross-Party Debate on Science Policy
Briefing: November 2009

The Children, Schools and Families Bill should include a statutory duty for students to be offered triple science GCSEs
Briefing: November 2009

Strengthening the integrity of scientific advice in policymaking following the forced resignation of Professor Nutt
Briefing: November 2009

Impacts of Investment in the Science and Engineering Research Base
CaSE Opinion Forum: September 2009

Setting science and technology research funding priorities
Briefing: September 2009

QCA Primary curriculum review
July 2009

European election commitments
CaSE published the responses from political parities to our request for their EU science and engineering policies
June 2009

Science and Technology Committee
Briefing: June 2009

Letter to Harriet Harman MP, Leader of the House
Briefing: June 2009

Putting Science and Engineering at the heart of government policy - supplementary evidence
IUSS Committee: April 2009

2009 Budget Response
Briefing: April 2009

Science for Scotland
Briefing: March 2009

Science GCSE Delivery and Results
Briefing: February 2009

CaSE Triple Science "Entitlement"
Briefing: February 2009

Putting Science and Engineering at the heart of government policy
IUSS Committee: January 2009




DIUS: December 2008


International Excellence: Valuing International Scientists and Engineers
CaSE Opinion Forum: November 2008


DEFRA's Science Capabilities
Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee


Science and Society


Briefing for Ed Milliband MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change
Briefing: October 2008


Engineering in Government
IUSS Committee: September 2008


Single Equality Scheme Consultation
DIUS: August 2008


STEM Diversity Bursaries
Briefing Proposal: July 2008


Higher UCAS points for STEM
Briefing Proposal: July 2008


Delivering Diversity
Briefing: July 2008


Higher Education at Work
DIUS: July 2008


Science Budget Allocations
Briefing: July 2008


Managing Migration: The Points Based System
Home Affairs Committee: June 2008


Delivering Diversity: Making Science and Engineering Accessible to All
CaSE Opinion Forum: May 2008


Budget 2008
Briefing: March 2008

Innovation Strategy
DIUS: February 2008


Research Excellence Framework
HEFCE: February 2008


Secondary Science Education
Briefing: January 2008


Letter to David Milliband MP, Foreign Secretary
January 2008




September 2007: Effective Consultations
Cabinet Office

August 2007: European Research Area
European Commission

June 2007 Secondary science education
Report of an Opinion Forum


June 2007 Background document to Secondary science education Opinion Forum


June 2007 Assessing real educational value
Response to the House of Commons Education & Skills Committee Inquiry
into Testing and Assessment


April 2007 Response to the Conservative Party's STEM taskforce consultation on science and society


April 2007 Voting for Welsh Science & Engineering
Political Parties' responses to questions about their policies on science & engineering


April 2007 Voting for Scottish Science & Engineering
Political Parties' responses to questions about their policies on science & engineering


April 2007 Science & Engineering Policies for the Next Welsh Assembly


April 2007 Science & Engineering Policies for the Next Scottish Parliament


April 2007 Reponse to HEFCE's consultation on the teaching funding method


March 2007 A new vision for careers guidance for students of science or engineering
Report of an Opinion Forum sponsored by The Science Council and the Engineering & Technology Board


January 2007 Government policies on innovation
CaSE briefing for a Parliamentary debate


January 2007 Research Council peer review in the wider science base
CaSE's response to RCUK's consulation on the efficiency and effectiveness of peer review


January 2007 A balanced and outward-looking approach to Scottish science & innovation
CaSE's response to the Scottish Executive's consulation on its science strategy





December 2006 The Bologna Process
CaSE's resposne to a House of Commons Inquiry on the Bologna process


December 2006 Clarity among the diversity of purposes of universities
CaSE's response to a House of Commons Inquiry into the future of universities


November 2006 Inventives and barriers to private sector investment in UK-based R & D
Report of a CaSE Opinion Forum


October 2006 Putting the cart before the horse
Response to the Department for Education & Skills' consultation on reform of research funding


August 2006 Science education in Northern Ireland's schools
Results of a CaSE Opinion Forum


August 2006 Science education in Northern Ireland's schools
Detailed analysis on which the Opinion Forum is based


July 2006 Maintaining coherence in science policies as circumstances change
Response to the Conservative Party task force on science policies


July 2006 Making Higher Education fit for all of its purposes
Response to the Royal Society's working party on higher education


July 2006 The importance of subject specialists in science teaching
Response to the House of Lords Inquiry on science teaching in schools


June 2006 Reinstating freedom in the research base
Response to the Government's Next Steps document


May 2006 Clarifying the role of the different parts of the science base
Response to the House of Commons Inquiry in Research Council Institutes


April 2006 Strong leadership for science in Wales
CaSE's response to the First Minister of Wales's review of science policy


March 2006 Science in the Budget statement and report
An initial analysis of the effect of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Budget on some aspects of science and engineering in the UK


March 2006 Value for taxpayers' money invested in science
Response to the House of Commons inquiry into support for knowledge transfer


February 2006 Major priorities for science & engineering policy in the 2007 CSR
Opinion Forum expressing the views of some of CaSE's members and supporters

February 2006 Independent expertise to assess risk and scientific evidence
CaSE's evidence to a House of Commons inquiry on scientific advice to Goverment


January 2006 Fair and justifiable funding for university teaching
CaSE's response to HEFCE's consultation on its teaching funding method


January 2006 Booklet to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the organisation




Letter to the Chair of the Welsh Assembly's Economic Development & Transport Committee
December 2005


Funding science and engineering in the universities
A framework for discussion sent to the Higher Education Minister: November 2005


Regional policies for scientific businesses
Report of an Opinion Forum: September 2005


A coordinated and effective science policy in Wales
Response to the Welsh Assembly's review of science policy in Wales: September 2005


Putting the Government's commitment to science into practice at the DfES
Evidence to the House of Commons Education and Skills Committee's annual review of public expenditure at the DfES: September 2005


The need for a clear strategy for higher education
Response to HEFCE's pre-consultation on its outline strategic plan: September 2005


Science and Engineering in Further Education
The first in a series of Opinion Forums: June 2005


Vote for Science 2005
Responses from the Party Leaders to questions from CaSE about their policies on scienc: May 2005


Science question time in Norwich
Report of a science hustings meeting at the University of East Anglia: April 2005


Government Science Scorecard
Assessment of how science has been handed in Government ministries during the last Parliament: April 2005


The future history of how science is organised in the UK
Comments made by the Director at the Cambridge Science Festival: April 2005


Science Question Time in Wales
Report of an Election meeting Cardiff University: April 2005


The attractions of academic science
Comments made by the Director of CaSE at a Conference on Postgraduate Careers: April 2005


Memorandum to the Party Leaders in the 2005 General Election Campaign
Questions sent to the leaders of the politial parties about their policies on science and engineering: April 2005


Science Policies for the Next Parliament
Analysis of science and engineering policies in the UK, and more than 60 specific recommendations for the next five years.


The Future of Science in Northern Ireland
Talk given at the University of Ulster.


Saving Strategic Science
SBS submission to the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee's inquiry into the provision of strategic subjects in universities.


SBS submission to the House of Commons Scrutiny of Research Councils UK


Open letter to the Higher Education Minister




A snapshot reassessment of SBS's Five Scientific Tests
A reassessment of SBS's five tests for the health of science in the UK.


SBS Survey on Scottish Secondary School Science
A detailed survey of attitudes of science teachers in Scotland.


Balancing different elements of the research landscape
SBS response to the Scottish Executive's consultation on the research strategy of the Environment and Rural Affairs Department.


A fair and transparent system of distributing European taxpayers’ money to European scientists
SBS response to the Government's consultation on the 7th Framework Programme of the EU.


Attracting the best
Report of an SBS symposium on recruiting and retaining world-class researchers in the UK's universities.


Annual Review 2004


An opportunity to save British science
Response to the Government's consultation on a ten-year framework for investment in science and innovation.


Time for a change
Response to the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee's inquiry into the Research Assessment Exercise.


Academic Freedom
Open letter to the Chief Scientific Adviser and Director General of the Research Councils.


Science & Technology Secondments in the Civil Service
Report on the number of scientists seconded into various Government Departments.


A competitive market in ideas
Response to the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee's inquiry into scientific publications.


Survey of secondary science school teachers
Survey showing that three out of four schools in England are cancelling practical classes because of behavioural problems, a lack of equipment and large class sizes.