• A-level results day 2017

    17 August 2017

    CaSE analysis of this year’s A-level results.

  • CaSE responds to A-level results 2017

    17 August 2017

    CaSE responds to A-level results out today, highlighting the urgent need for addressing teacher shortages for future success

  • Evidence for the many

    31 July 2017

    Using evidence well isn't a 'nice to have' but is essential to good policy making. We're working to move from theory into practice.

  • CaSE announces the Institution of Environmental Sciences as a new member

    24 July 2017

    CaSE are delighted to welcome the IES as new organisational members of CaSE

  • Gender balance from age 3 – 18

    19 July 2017

    Charlotte Govan, at the Institute of Physics, looks at stereotypes, social pressures and subject choices

  • Using scientific evidence to make better decisions about medicines

    19 July 2017

    Professor Sir John Tooke reflects on the Academy of Medical Sciences’ latest policy report on the use of scientific evidence, which he chaired.

  • Brexit Challenges & Opportunities: Economy, Public Finance & Economic Strategy– RSE

    12 July 2017

    In a series of briefings, the Royal Society of Edinburgh argues that the Brexit process should minimise any adverse effects on business and the economy and maximise the economic opportunities that may flow from this process.

  • Brexit Challenges & Opportunities: Constitutional Law and Government – RSE

    12 July 2017

    In a series of briefings, the Royal Society of Edinburgh reviews the impact that Brexit will have on the distribution of powers and responsibilities for the different governments and legislatures in the UK.

  • Another lost decade? - IPPR

    12 July 2017

    This report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) provides a series of recommendations to address the stagnation of productivity, and the issues facing the UK with regards to growing rates of in-work poverty.

  • Brexit Challenges & Opportunities: Research, Innovation & Tertiary Education – RSE

    12 July 2017

    In a series of briefings, the Royal Society of Edinburgh has urged the UK Government to build upon its initial offer to provide assurance and certainty that the existing rights of EU nationals in the UK will be protected.

  • Brexit Challenges & Opportunities: Migration & Diversity – RSE

    12 July 2017

    In a series of briefings, the Royal Society of Edinburgh have encouraged all UK Governments to consider long-term economic and demographic impacts of migratory reform, as well as short term labour market needs.

  • Helping the UK thrive – CBI & Pearson

    10 July 2017

    This joint report from CBI and Pearson assesses the educational and skills landscape across all ages, and postulates that educational reform can help to fill the growing number of high-skilled roles in the UK.

  • The Brexit technical skills challenge

    06 July 2017

    Getting to grips with Britain’s shortage of technical skills has never been more important.

  • CaSE R&D factsheet June 2017

    30 June 2017

  • Reaching 3 percent

    28 June 2017

    What might the 3% of GDP target mean for public funding levels and private investment? Naomi Weir has a look at the numbers.

  • Meeting Ministers … and more

    23 June 2017

    Reflections from CaSE Chair, Graeme Reid, on a BEIS stakeholder event and the latest high level forum on Science and Brexit

  • Making migration work for manufacturers - EEF

    23 June 2017

    This EEF report finds that manufacturing companies rely more heavily on EU workers to fill low, mid and highly skilled roles than the UK average.

  • Champion the use of evidence in policymaking - briefing

    20 June 2017

    CaSE has published a two page briefing, setting out the current UK Government advice structures and recommendations on how to improve them.

  • Beyond the science budget: Departmental R&D

    15 June 2017

    An initial look at the SET stats out today including new details on how departments spend their R&D budgets

  • Capacities for dealing with complex and uncertain evidence

    13 June 2017

    Arthur Petersen, Professor of Science, Technology & Public Policy at UCL reflects on building in-house capacity for dealing with uncertain evidence.