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CaSE in the Media

Science Is Vital in the Media

October 2010

Science (29/10): Campaign for U.K. Science Helps Deflect Budget Ax

Nature (19/10): UK science funds in limbo

New Statesman (18/10): The age of scientific discovery is over

The Guardian (13/10): Scientists lobby parliament to halt cuts

The Guardian (12/10): A sleeping beats awakes on the Science is Vital rally

New Scientist (11/10): Hey! Osborne! Leave our geeks alone (and Video)

PressTV (11/10): Scientists say 'no' to research cuts

Chemistry World blog (11/10): Science is Vital

Astronomy Now Online (11/10): Hey Osborne. Leave our geeks alone. (11/10): Government science cuts spell economic doom

The Oxford Times (11/10): Former MP Dr Evan Harris warns of threat to science jobs in Oxfordshire

Telegraph (11/10): MPs believe the funniest things (10/10): Tanya Byron joins protest over science cuts

TopNews (10/10): Scientist protest over planned cuts

The Province (10/10): Critics say U.K's status as research hub at risk – Scientists rally against planned 30% funding cut

Nature blog (10/10): British scientists rally to protest science cuts

Metro (10/10): Geeks protest against 'irritant' David Cameron's spending cuts

The Independent (10/10): Can we trust the IPCC's evidence?

The Economic Times (10/10): Leave our geeks alone

BBC (09/10): Scientists hold rally over spending cuts (Video)

Sky News (09/10): Scientists in protest against budget cuts

AFP (09/09): 'Leave our geeks alone': Scientists protests against cuts

And 8 identical articles

The Mirror (09/10): Scientist protest over budget cuts

And 74 identical articles

The Guardian (09/10): Science cuts: thousands set to protest outside Treasury

The Guardian (09/10): The Lay Scientist - Live audio updates

The Guardian (09/10): Open letter to George Osborne - Why it's vital to protect science funding

Demotix (09/09): Scientists and Engineers protest Government funding cuts

Discover (09/10): Science is Vital protest

ABC (09/09): UK Scientists Protest Against Expected Research Cuts

Press Association (09/09): Scientists protest over budget cuts

And 6 identical articles

The Times (09/10): Academics protest as immigration red tape keeps top scientist away from Cambridge

The Pod Delusion (09/10): Science is Vital

Scientists to hold protest on funding cuts – UK PA 9th Oct (and 51 local outlets)

Liberal Democrat Voice (08/10): Opinion: science should be protected from the cuts

Londonist (08/10): Science Is Vital: Researchers Rally In Whitehall To Save Funding

Healthcare News (08/10): Parkinson's disease charity joins fight against research cuts

The Guardian (08/10): Science funding cuts: We won't fill the gap says firms and charities

Bloomberg (08/10): Singapore Begins Pushing Scientists From `Coconut Shell' for R&D Gains

The Telegraph (06/10): Science funding cuts: How many more Nobel prizes will Britain win?

LabNews (06/10): Science is Vital

Phg Foundation (6/10): Science is Vital campaign

Nature (05/10): How vital is science?

New Scientist (05/10): Rise up to defend UK science

The Guardian (04/10): Science - It beats living in caves

The Guardian: Scientists, keep calm and carry on, but don't keep quiet

LabNews: Science is Vital

September 2010

Times Higher Education Supplement (30/09): Mass rally over destructive cuts

New Scientist (22/09): UK scientists plan petitions and protests against cuts

Telegraph (21/09): Science funding cuts: UK scientists struggle to 'do more with less'