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CaSE in the Media

Here you will find a list of all the appearances CaSE has made in print, broadcast and electronic media in recent months. An archive of all appearances since 2004 is available via the links on the left. If you would like further information about any of our media appearances please contact us

You can also view the media coverage from the Science is Vital campaign

CaSE in the Media

December 2010

Research Fortnight (21/12): Unresolved capital spending plans cause concern

Daily Mirror (21/12): UK science and engineering facing 40% cuts

The Scotsman (21/12): Science hit by capital funding cut

The Scotsman (21/12): 'Significant challenges' for science and engineering sectors

UPI (20/12): U.K. makes cuts in science funding

Financial Times (20/12): Capital spending on science cut by 41%

Nature (20/12): UK science faces facilities freeze

BBC News (20/12): Researchers plan for deeper cuts to science budget

The Independent (20/12): Capital spending on science cut by 40%

The Engineer (20/12): Science minister announces funding plans

BBC Radio 4 (09/12): Material World

Times Higher Education (09/12): Plan to drop expert requirements

The Guardian (06/12) : Political battle lines drawn over drugs advisory council scientists

The Times (06/12): Ministers to set drug policy without scientists

The Guardian (06/12): Government heads for clash with scientists over drugs advice

BBC (06/12): Drugs advice body needs scientists, say campaigners

BBC Today (06/12): Drug advisers' removal 'controversial'

Nature (06/12): Science advice not mandatory on drugs council, proposes UK government

The Guardian (05/12): Government proposes to scrap need for scientific advice on drugs policy

Nature (01/12): 7 Days - UK Immigration

November 2010

ExpatForum (26/11): Science and finance sectors worried about new UK visa cap

Times Higher Education (25/11): Global crackdown on immigration threatens to dam the knowledge flow

The Guardian (25/11): Immigration policy 'will keep talented scientists out of UK'

Chemistry World (25/11): Capping scientific migrants

The Guardian (24/11): Why placing an immigration cap on talent will be bad for UK science

Times Higher Education Supplement (19/10): STEM funding is vital for our high-tech future

New Scientist (19/10): UK coalition to downgrade scientific advice

House of Commons debate (18/11): Immigration

Research Fortnight (16/11): Top government science and research post axed in civil service reshuffle

New Scientist (16/11): UK research spending decisions set for a shake-up

Nature (16/11): Top government science and research post axed in civil service reshuffle

Nature (16/11): UK science shake-up stirs passions

The Sunday Times (14/11): Briefing - The truth or bust

Financial Times (12/11): Funding fears for science

Felix (11/11): Pale, stale and male

Houses of Parliament - Westminster Hall Debate (10/11): Science research

The Australian (10/11): UK takes softer line on science

The Times (09/11): Migration cap costs Britain the services of 233 top brains

The Times (08/11): Government to rethink immigration cap on scientists

The Sunday Times (07/11): 'Elite' scientists to beat migrant cap

The Times (06/11): Nobel prizewinner Venki Ramakrishnan warns on risks of immigration cap

Nature (03/11): UK science students could pay higher fees

October 2010

Times Higher Education Supplement (28/10): The appliance of science lobbying

The Times (22/10): Recognition from the science community that the Government has ring-fenced the science and university research funding

Genome (21/10): UK science gets chilly

New Scientists (21/10): What does the UK spending review mean for science?

Cambridgeshire News (21/10): ‘Flagship institution for science’ looks to future

BBC News (21/10): Reaction to the science cuts

Women in Technology (21/10): Osborne pledges continued investment in science

The Times (21/10): Medical research safe, but the sky could fall in on astronomy

The Engineer (20/10): Coalition 'signals desire' to support science research

TopNews (20/10): UK’s core civil science budget may receive a real terms cut of 10% in four years

The Guardian (20/10): Spending review spares science budget from deep cuts

The Engineer (20/10): Coalition 'signals desire' to support science research

Nature (20/10): UK science saved deepest cuts

Nature (19/10): UK science funds in limbo

Guardian Editorial (19/10): Science funding - back the boffins

Chemistry World (19/10): Immigration cap could spell disaster for UK science

The Times (18/10): Science and the spending review - why it matters and what lies ahead

BBC News (18/10): Viewpoint: Science 'critical for UK economic future'

New Statesman (18/10): The age of scientific discovery is over

The Times (18/10): Gene lab struggles to find scientiists

The Express (17/10): A studious back to basics for universities

The Times (15/10): Curbs on science cash will hit medical research

The Times (15/10): Curbs on science cash and immigration

Stempra (13/10): Interview with Imran Khan

The Guardian (13/10): Scientists lobby parliament to halt cuts

BBC News (13/10): Scientists call for defence cuts

Nature blog (12/10): Student fees don't solve science teacher funding gap

The Guardian (12/10): A sleeping beats awakes on the Science is Vital rally

Chemistry World blog (11/10): Science is Vital

New Scientist (11/10): Hey Osborne - Leave our geeks alone!

Astronomy Now Online (11/10): Hey Osborne. Leave our geeks alone.

Nature blog(10/10): British scientists rally to protest science cuts

The Economic Times (10/10): Leave our geeks alone

Mirror (09/09): Scientists protest over budget cuts

The Guardian (09/09): Science cuts: thousands set to protest outside Treasury

The Guardian (09/10): Open letter to George Osborne - Why it's vital to protect science funding

The Times (09/09): Academics protest as immigration red tape keeps top scientist away from Cambridge

The Pod Delusion (09/09): Science is Vital

The Guardian (08/10): Science funding cuts: We won't fill the gap says firms and charities

The Times (07/10): Keep Britain open to best researchers, say scientists

The Times (06/10): Russians who discovered 'wonder carbon' win second Nobel science prize for Britain

Research Fortnight (06/10): Graduates drop government research for industry careers

The Telegraph (06/10): Science funding cuts: How many more Nobel prizes will Britain win?

LabNews (06/10): Science is Vital

Nature (05/10): How vital is science?

New Scientist (05/10): Rise up to defend UK science

The Guardian (04/10): Science - It beats living in caves

The Telegraph (01/10): Science cuts and brain drains: that is the sound of inevitability

The Telegraph (01/10): Government cuts will trigger 'brain drain'

The Guardian (01/10): Science funding in the UK: How will it be hit by the cuts?

LabNews: CaSE Column

September 2010

The Guardian (30/09): Cash strapped science departments face overseas brain drain

The Guardian (27/09): Ed Miliband's science challenge

The Times (25/09): Migration cap 'a threat to British science role'

BBC (24/09): Call for cap on migrants scientists to be scrapped

The Independent (24/09): University heads warn of a new scientific 'brain drain'

Science Insider (24/09): UK research leaders make final stand against science cuts

Reuters (24/09): British scientists say cuts will cripple research

The Times (24/09): ‘Double whammy’ of cuts threatens Britain’s scientific reputation UK science funding cut to destroy its potential to be a world leader (24/09): British boffins warn science spending cuts mean "game over"

EdConnect (24/09): Science funding cuts 'could lead to brain drain'

Press association (24/09): Cuts 'threaten vital research'

Nature blog (24/09): Game over for British science?

The Guardian (24/09): Cuts to science funding will 'destroy UK's potential' as world leader

Pharmiweb (24/09): UK science funding - Doing more with less

New Scientist (24/09): 20 per cent cuts to British science means 'game over'

Chemistry world (23/09): UK faces scientific exodus

New Scientist (22/09): UK scientists plan petitions and protests against cuts

Nature (15/09): World view - Save British science, again

Anomolous Distraction (14/09): Science is vital - a letter from my MP

New Scientist (10/09): How Vince Cable triggered a scientific rebellion

The Guardian (10/09): Science funding - experimental thinking

Times Higher Education (09/09): STEM straw man is a flimsy construct

Ease Journal Blog (08/09): UK science austerity on its way

Financial Times (08/09): Cable warns of shrinking funds for research

Science Insider (08/09): UK research minister signals coming austerity on science

The Periscope Post (08/09): Is science important to the UK?

New Scientist (08/09): Scientists - time to shout "in the right direction"

The Guardian (08/09): Vince Cable's science cuts under fire

The Times (08/09): Hunt for a cancer cure may lose public funding lifeline

The Guardian (08/09): Vince Cable will tell scientists they must pay their way

The Guardian (07/09): Labour leadership candidates leave scientists in the dark

Reuters (02/09): Austerity cuts put Britain's science base at risk

The Times (01/09): Science teachers could face a tricky time in faith schools

LabNews: CaSE Column

August 2010

Women in Technology (31/08): Strong A-level turnout for Stem subjects, figures show

The Guardian(26/08): UK scientists on collision course over £1 billion research cuts

The Guardian (26/08): Science cuts: threatened projects

Laboratory Talk (25/08): Editorial

BBC News (25/08): GCSE results - trends explained

Radio 4 World at One (24/08): Hilary Leevers comments on increasing numbers of entries into triple science(25 minutes in)

Financial Times (24/08): Languages fade as pupils opt for science

The Engineer (24/08): Not enought students take STEM A levels, warns IET

Guardian (20/08): Core syllabus: Pupils do their sums and shun soft-option subjects

Financial Times (19/08): A-level pass rise adds pressure on students

The Times (12/08): British Ingenuity has slipped away

Chemistry World (02/08): We need more scientists in politics

LabNews: CaSE Column

July 2010

Total Politics (30/07): Scientists warn ministers of 'false economy'

New Scientist (29/07): Science education put at risk by new Academies Act

Financial Times (28/07): Fight for science funding disturbs cosy world

Research Fortnight (28/07): United we stand, divided we fall

The Guardian (28/07): Learning curve on the academies bill

Children & Young People Now (26/07): Lobby group fears academies could lower teaching standards

The Guardian (25/07): Academies will leave pupils 'unprepared for modern life', say critics

Alice Bell (14/07): UK science blogger interview: Imran Khan

LabNews (12/07): Science set to suffer in post-election budgets

New Scientist (09/07): UK science minister: research must be saved from cuts

Nano Sapiens (09/07): UK mulls science cash prize for innovation

BBC News (09/07): David Willetts - 'Science for Growth'

Where the sun hits the sky (03/07): Two articles celebrating science

June 2010

Research Fortnight (30/06): Academics react against migrant worker limits

The Guardian (30/06): Science's success is society's gain. We are not motivated by money

New Scientist (22/06): UK science - cuts of up to 25 per cent

Chemistry World (22/06): Emergency budget leaves axe wavering over science budget

Times Higher Education (17/06): Research intelligence - science's man in the lobby

New Scientist (16/06): UK budget - Ring-fence science to save the economy

The Guardian (14/06): To plug the budget deficit we must invest in science and engineering

Research Fortnight (16/06): Focus shifts to economics as emergency budget looms

Research Fotnight (14/06): Industry leaders back science funding

The Times (14/06): Brian Cox - "economic and cultural idiocy" to cut science funding

The Times (09/06): Independent expert advice must be respected, says Willetts

The Times (03/06): Eureka's science wish list for the next 300 years

Nature Cell Biology (June): Don't hang UK science


May 2010

Research Fortnight (27/05): New coalition is too vague on science warns campaign group

The Times (26/05): It is still time to "geek the vote"

Research Day (26/05): CaSE concerned over cap on migrants

New Scientist (25/05): How science is shaping up in the new parliament

New Scientist (24/05): UK budget - Science wobbles, university places topple

Research Day (24/06): Universities lose £200 million in BIS cuts

Nature (24/05): British budget cuts begin

Science Mag (21/05): Will Britain's coalition wield the funding axe?

Research Day (20/05): Coalition still vague on science commitments

New Scientist (20/05): UK government plans: science hardly gets a mention

Chemistry World (19/05): Could rising graduate debt hit science hard?

New Scientist (18/05): 'Tough times' ahead, warns new UK science minister

Public Service (14/05): House of Lords reform must not impact on the science vote

New Scientist (13/05): New UK science minister: 'two brains' Willetts

Daily Latest News (13/05): David Willetts designated cabinet minister of state for universities and science

BBC News (13/05): David Willetts becomes new science minister

The Times (13/05): Thoughts on David Willetts - the new science minister

Chemistry World (12/05): UK under new management

Nature (07/05): UK election - science is hung out to dry

Times Higher Education Supplement (06/05): Geeks bearing election gifts

Financial Times (06/05): Scientists fear for research funds

Research Fortnight (05/05): Labour plugs its research credentials

The Times (04/05): Where's Lord Drayson?

The 21st Floor (03/05): Enlightenment Election Special 2010

Felix Newspaper: Who should you be voting for?

April 2010

Timer Higher Education (29/04): Trust us, we're on your side

Cherwell (29/04): 'Experience' is no substitute for experiment

The Times (28/04): Labour's science manifesto and Gordon Brown's resonse to CaSE

Nature (28/04): High stakes for science in UK election

The Guardian (28/04): Conservative science policy ticks (nearly) all the right boxes

New Scientist (28/04): UK election - Science voters, you have the facts

The Times (27/04): Parliament will lose much scientific expertise after the election

The Telegraph (27/04): General election 2010 - Why we need the Science Party

New Scientist (27/04): Will the next government fix UK physics?

Times Higher Education (22/04): Students told: 'terrify' main parties or be 'screwed over'

Times Higher Education (22/04): 'Geek the Vote' and the Battle of Bosworth

Research Fortnight (21/04): Conservatives and Liberal Democrats seek to outbid each other with further pledges

Research Fortnight (21/04): Lords committee backs budget role of science adviser

New Scientist (20/04): Tories and Lib Dems set out science policies

The Times (13/04) Manifesto watch: Labour and the Tories on science

New Scientist (13/04): Science in the conservatives' election manifesto

Nature (11/04): UK election watch: bring on the manifestos

The Times (09/04): Scientist warn of brain drain after election funding is cut

LabNews (07/04): Where will your vote go?

Chemistry World (07/04): Lords call for research funding clarity

Nature (07/04): There can be only one...or possibly two

New Scientist (06/04): UK election - who will use the S Word?

Times Higher Education (01/04): 'Mutual trust' a matter of principle for scientists

The Times (01/04): Forget party MPs, vote science MPs

March 2010

IChemE (25/03): UK budget a boost for SMEs

Chemistry World (25/03): Budget boon for science and industry

Financial Times (25/03): Fund for academic enterprise revived in new guise

The Times (24/03): What does the budget mean for science?

New Scientist (24/03): Science spending and advice: the dark art of spin

Nature (24/03): UK budget: green cash but no long-term science clarity

Times Higher Education Supplement (23/03): Retrospective impact assessment an ‘insurmountable’ task

Chemistry World (23/03): MPs warn science cuts will harm economy

Research UK (22/03): CaSE Director to Step Down

Mail on Sunday (21/03): Why I’m a convert to particle physics

Research Fortnight (17/03): Mandelson vows to protect science budget

Times Higher Education Supplement (11/03): Dual-strand science funding pots may move closer in wake of budget review (09/03): Science spending should be increased, say top science people

New Scientist (09/03): Royal Society: Fund science to save the economy

The Times (09/03): Key role of science

The Science Insider (09/03): The Cleanup Edition

Physiology News (Spring 2010): Science, engineering and the general election

The Times (08/03): Parties tell us your science policies

BBC News (04/03): Promise made on UK physics woes

New Scientist (04/03): Have they fixed the broken STFC?

British Science Association's People & Science: The Science Vote

Research Fortnight (03/03): Cabinet ministers failt to meet beddington

Chemistry World (03/03): UK must avoid 'neglected decline' in research

BBC (01/03): UK science must 'meet challenge' of emerging nations

News Scientist (01/03): Memo to next UK prime minister: more research cash

Science Now (01/03): Back researchers, not research, say UK science advisers

Times Higher Education (01/03): Research faces 'managed or neglected decline' without clear strategy, says advisory body

February 2010

News Scientist (25/02): Science minister grilled on budgets and advisers

The Times (25/02): Science lessons need more explosions and pyrotechnics, report says

Chemistry World (22/02): Funding cuts "will damage a generation" of scientists

Wharfdale and Airedale Observer (19/02): Interactive debate on science, policy and power

Chemistry World (11/02): Science advice rules could do more harm than good

New Scientist (11/02): Scientific advisers struggle for independence

Nature Blog (11/02): New attack on UK government's approach to science advice

Guardian (10/02): Government proposals 'will hit scientific independence'

Today in Parliament (03/02): Nick Dusic giving evidence to Science and Technology Committee

Chemistry World (02/02): Budget cuts hit university funding

Society of Biology (Feb): Science, Engineering and the General Election

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

January 2010

New Scientist (28/01): Don't let politicians forget the E Word

Nature Editorial (28/01): False Alarms

Times Higher Education (21/01): Drayson refuses to consider crossing the floor

New Scientist blog (19/01): Time for David Cameron to woo scientists

The Times (19/01): Nick Clegg's science speech to the Royal Society in full

Pasco Phronesis blog (17/01): Second Cross-Party science debate manages to please and displease

BBC News (15/01): Ministers are entitled to sack advisers, say Tories

Times Higher Education (15/01): We ‘just don’t like them’ is adequate reason to dismiss advisers, claims shadow science minister

British Ecological Society Policy Blog (14/01) Major Political Parties Outline Science Strategies

New Scientist (14/01): UK parties' science spokesmen meet again

Andy Russell's blog (14/01): Make science an issue

Some Beans (14/01): Make science and engineering a policy issue

AMRC Blog (14/01): Science Debate

Left of Centre (14/01): CaSE Science Debate

NFU (13/01): Agri-science climbs the political agenda

Reciprocal Space blog (13/01): Science and Politics Mix

Laboratory News: CaSE Study