This Universities UK report outlines the importance of Universities to the UK, describing the economic, societal and cultural benefits of a thriving higher education sector.

While the report highlights the successes of the universities sector, the publication also contains some warnings over the future of higher education institutions (HEIs) in the UK. As many other countries invest more heavily in HEIs, the UK could lose out on grants and talented scientists unless calls for more investment are heeded in the UK.

The efficiencies of HEIs in the UK are also an attractive reason to invest, consistently outperforming money saving targets from successive Comprehensive Spending Reviews.  


The UK universities sector:

  • Contributes at least £73 billion a year to the national economy.
  • Is responsible for over £10 billion in export earnings.
  • Supports more than 700,000 jobs across the UK.
  • Generates more gross domestic product (GDP) per unit of resource than health, public administration and construction.
  • Creates 117 jobs in the wider economy for every 100 people employed directly in universities.

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