This report from the National Centre for Universities & Business (NCUB) draws on the success of the UK science base, and assesses public opinion of governmental science funding in the UK.

During a time of relative cuts, often the public opinion of government investment can be a key factor in decision making. While science and research may not be at the top of the priority list for many, this publication shows the success that investment in science can bring, while showing the general public is vastly in support of science in the UK.

The report shows that although the science budget has been ringfenced and protected from cuts, evidence shows that no negative effects have been seen from countries that spend larger proportions of taxpayer’s money on science and research.


  • The UK has the highest number of citations per unit of R&D expenditure in the G8 group of nations.
  • UK universities have grown their external income by over 40 per cent in the last decade and now generate over £3.4bn pa through the external route.
  • Only 7% of people believe that if science & research does not yield economic benefit, it should not be funded by the Government.
  • Nine in 10 people believe that young people’s interest in science is essential for our future prosperity.

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