In partnership with Ipsos Mori and the then Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS), BSA produced a survey to analyse the publics views on current and future values of science.

The survey encompasses a broad range of topics, from public attitudes towards science and scientists, to scientific education with future generations, to issues surrounding new and emerging technologies such as robotics and big data.


  • The UK public continue to see science as beneficial to society. Four-fifths (81%) agree that science will make people’s lives easier
  • Three-quarters (76%) think scientific research makes a direct contribution to economic growth in the UK
  • Nine-in-ten (91%) agree that young people’s interest in science is essential for our future prosperity
  • Eight-in-ten (79%) agree that, even if it brings no immediate benefits, scientific research which advances knowledge should be funded by the Government
  • Nine-in-ten think that scientists (90%) and engineers (88%) make a valuable contribution to society and eight-in-ten (83%) agree scientists want to make life better for the average person
  • Seven-in-ten (68%) would particularly like scientists to talk more about the social and ethical implications of their research

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