The joint funded Policy Officer programme was created as a unique collaborative effort between CaSE and the joint funder organisations. The first iteration of this collaborative project benefited the joint funders and CaSE enormously from the increased engagement and two-way support. We are delighted that the second iteration of the joint funded Policy Officer role has been supported by the following 14 organisations:

With this additional resource, CaSE has successfully secured significant policy influence and change, and grown its reach into political and policy-making audiences. Examples include:

  • Active voice representing science and engineering in Brexit process – science minister’s forum, Parliamentary submissions on impact of leaving the EU
  • Skills agenda post- Brexit - Immigration campaign on Tier 2 visas, policy influence on needs of science and engineering from future migration system, policy briefings and Parliamentary influence
  • Regulation – evidence gathering and highlighting of impact of Brexit on regulatory frameworks that underpin science and engineering
  • R&D investment – active engagement with Treasury, BEIS, UKRI and No. 10 on the 2.4% agenda and the impact of changing international relationships on achieving that goal, including on planning for post-Brexit implementation phase.

By retaining this additional capacity, CaSE has the opportunity to be a strong voice for science and engineering during the implementation phase of the EU withdrawal. The proposed transition period will last until the end of 2020, and detailed arrangements for all facets of the relationship pertaining to science and engineering will likely take longer.