September 2019 saw the Government announce a one year Spending Review, with announcements on public R&D investment, departmental budgets and skills. The next multi-year Spending Review will be carried out in the following year.

Public investment in R&D

CaSE welcomed the Government's re-commitment to the target of investing 2.4% of GDP in R&D by 2027, which we called for in our submission to the spending review

Departmental R&D budgets

The Government also announced a growth in departmental spending of 4.1% in real terms from 2019-20 to 2020-21. Despite the potential of departmental R&D budgets in helping to achieving Government objectives, from 2005 to 2016 overall civil departmental R&D spending fell 30% in real terms, excluding BEIS and its predecessors and the NHS (NIHR). CaSE believes there is great potential for R&D investment to directly benefit delivery of public services by government, supporting more effective and efficient policymaking and public service delivery, and in assessing policy outcomes against objectives. 


CaSE was also pleased to see the recognition of the international nature of research as the Chancellor reiterated plans to introduce a 'fast-track' visa for science. As set out in our original response, we are looking forward to working with the Government and government departments as they develop these proposals.