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CaSE responds to the General Election 2015 result

08 May 2015

CaSE responds to the 2015 General Election result and publishes analysis of Conservative manifesto commitments and a list of MPs to watch

Responding to the formation of a Conservative majority government, CaSE Acting Director, Naomi Weir, said:

“Science and engineering is a national success story to which every part of the UK contributes and benefits. As part of the Coalition, the Conservatives provided relative protection for science and engineering, recognising the benefits it brings to the economy and society. It’s vital for Britain’s future that they continue putting science and engineering at the core of their long-term economic plan.”

Over the summer it is likely that the Conservative Government will conduct a spending review, which is expected to cover the full term of this Parliament up to 2020. This will determine departmental budgets and how much money the government will invest in science and engineering.

CaSE Acting Director, Naomi Weir, said:

“The Conservatives have been clear that difficult spending decisions lie ahead. Equally the evidence is clear that strong investment and policies for science and engineering in turn support growth, productivity and jobs as well as equipping the UK to take a lead role in global efforts to tackle looming and unforeseen challenges in areas from health to security.”

In a letter to CaSE in March 2015, David Cameron wrote that “a Conservative government will be committed to investing in science and engineering because we want to see our strong and worldwide reputation in this hugely important area continue to go from strength to strength.”

CaSE Acting Director, Naomi Weir, said:

“With strong support from the top, the new Government now have the opportunity to make transparent and ambitious plans for science – investing in the long-term future of the UK.”

CaSE has published two briefings today. The first looks at how a Conservative majority government and the commitments it made ahead of the election could affect UK science and engineering. The second reveals which new MPs have a background or interest in science, technology, engineering, maths, or medicine (STEMM) and which MPs with a STEMM background or interest have either stepped down or not been re-elected. This can be found on our MPs to watch page.

Responding to the new intake of MPs elected today, CaSE Acting Director, Naomi Weir, said:

“It’s great to see eight new MPs entering Parliament with a background or strong interest in STEMM along with the many familiar faces returning. An understanding of this vital part of our economy and society is an asset for all politicians as they seek to address the challenges our nation faces. We therefore look forward to working with all new and returning MPs to strengthen science and engineering for everyone’s benefit.”