The report finds economic benefit of international students to all regions of the UK.

The benefits of international students were measured in terms of tuition fee income, indirect and induced effects for the UK economy, non-tuition fee expenditure of the students and income associated with the spending of friends and family visiting the UK. The analysis focuses on international students commencing their studies in 2015/16, taking account of the total impacts associated over the entire duration of their studies. The findings of the report are conservative have most likely underestimated the true contribution of international students.


  • The total benefit to the UK economy associated with a typical EU-domiciled student was approximately £87,000, with the comparable estimate for non-EU-domiciled students standing at approximately £102,000.
  • Aggregating across the entire 2015/2016 cohort of first-year students, the total economic benefit of international students to the UK economy was estimated to be £22.6bn over the entire duration of their studies. The same cohort were estimated to cost the UK £2.3bn over the course of their studies
  • As a net benefit, this means that every 11 non-EU students contributed £1m to the UK economy.
  • International students provide a net economic benefit to each region and parliamentary constituency across the UK, even those that did not contain a Higher Education Institution.

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