CaSE sets out our visionĀ and calls on Government to use its levers to cultivate an environment in which science & engineering will thrive.

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, more than ever we must play to our strengths.

The fruits of science & engineering enrich all our lives. In an increasingly competitive global economy, they will also be the drivers of future innovation, productivity gains, and high-value job creation.

Our six priority areas for government:

1. Equip providers to deliver high-quality STEM education and training that is open to all 

2. Create a migration system that supports mobility for excellence, skills, education and collaboration

3. Grow the UK's leadership and collaboration in research & innovation internationally

4. Invest at a level and in such a way as to enhance the UK's research & innovation environment

5. Deliver a stable regulatory environment that facilitates trade, access to markets and innovation

6. Champion the use of evidence and science advice in all government decisions, documents and messaging