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CaSE Annual Lecture with Kim Shillinglaw

CaSE Annual Lecture

Welcome to the CaSE Annual Lecture. We’re excited to welcome Kim Shillinglaw, Chair of CaSE’s new Discovery Decade project, who will share reflections on the public’s relationship with science in the UK, and the urgency of forging a deeper and broader public connection to put research and innovation at the heart of the UK’s future.

Sign in using the form and access some of the exciting content that will be around the venue, with the live stream starting from 4.30pm. 

This years annual lecture is being held at the Regent Street Cinema, the birthplace of British cinema.

The cinema began life in 1848 when a new theatre was added on to the south side of what was then the Royal Polytechnic Institution. The theatre was purpose-built for the ‘optical exhibitions’ for which the institution had become famous. Early shows included demonstrations of the latest scientific and technological innovations, lantern slides as a backdrop to live music and drama, and full theatrical performances.