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Research Fortnight (16/10): Queen's speech trials a radical shake up of science

Science Business (15/10): UK government sets out plan for DARPA-like funding agency for research

Science (04/10): Split decisions 

September 2019

Research Fortnight (18/09): Return of two-year post-study visas hailed

The Chemical Engineer (13/09): UK gives international students two years to stay following graduation

The Guardian (11/09): UK universities welcome U-turn on student visas

WalesOnline (05/09): Sir David Attenborough calls for Welsh Government to ban the teaching of religion as science

August 2019

Research Fortnight (20/08): Concern over plans for sudden end to freedom of movement

The Guardian (15/08): Female students outnumber males in A-level science entries

The Chemical Engineer (13/08): UK will fast track visas for top scientists post-Brexit

Chemistry World (12/08): Research would be a ‘casualty’ if English higher education review acted on, Lords warn

Science (09/08): Boris Johnson pledges to ease U.K. research visas, but plows ahead toward Brexit

BBC News (08/08): PM to 'supercharge' UK science with fast visa system

July 2019

Science (29/07): U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s hardline Brexit stance stokes fears for scientists

Times Higher Education (02/07): English universities welcome boost in QR research funding

Nature (02/07): Call to back science 

June 2019

BBC News (27/06): Tory hopefuls told not to squander UK science progress

Times Higher Education (17/06): The UK’s next PM should keep Theresa May’s R&D spending commitments

BBC Radio 4 (13/07): Inside Science

May 2019

Research Fortnight (30/05): CaSE sets out plan for 2.4% R&D target

BBC News (29/05): Ministers told back up science vision or risk UK stagnation

The Guardian (01/05): The biggest government pledge to science spending for 40 years – but who benefits?

March 2019

City AM (19/03): The UK government should take inspiration from an unlikely source when writing its post-Brexit migration plan

The Independent (14/03): Was Spreadsheet Phil on the money?

The Daily Telegraph (14/03): Immigration rules eased to help firms attract top talent

The Herald (14/03): Capital sum for computers

Science Business (14/03): UK chancellor confirms £200M plan for medical lasers, genomics and a new supercomputer

Engineering and Technology Magazine (13/03): Chancellor announces decarbonisation drive and £200m science funding

The Irish News (13/03): Supercomputer to benefit from Hammond's £200m science package

The Financial Times (13/03): UK vows to invest £200m in ‘cutting edge’ science

February 2019

IT Pro (15/02): The visa system is failing the tech industry

Felix (08/02): What next for science in a No-Deal Brexit?

December 2018

Science and the parliament (Winter 2018): An immigration system for the UK's research and innovation system

Science (07/12): Uncertainty boosts Brexit jitters for U.K. scientists

Chemistry World (05/12): UK appoints new minister for universities and science

Nature (05/12): Government loyalist appointed new UK science minister as Brexit woes continue

November 2018

New Civil Engineer (16/11): Engineering chiefs slam draft Brexit deal

New Scientist (15/11): Brexit: what the draft deal means for science

October 2018

Chemistry World (30/10): New R&D funding among a host of spending pledges in 2018 budget

The Guardian (29/10): Scientific research transforms lives. Why is that so often forgotten? (15/10): Why Connect Research and Policy?

September 2018

Nature (26/09): Six months to Brexit: how scientists are preparing for the split

BBC News (25/09): UK immigration: No preference for EU workers after Brexit, cabinet agrees

IT Pro (19/09): Fewer immigrants with tech skills are being turned away from the UK

The Register (18/09): Scrapping UK visa cap on nurses, doctors opened Britain's doors to IT workers

The Times (13/09): Foolish visa rules will impoverish Britain

August 2018

Masterstudies (31/08): Why Do UK Girls Avoid STEM Subjects?

Times Higher (30/08): UK researchers’ free money will come at a price after Brexit (27/08): New UK startup visa for foreign tech entrepreneurs

BBC News (25/08): No-deal Brexit 'worse than thought' for science

Chemistry World (24/08): Shortage of science students a myth in the UK, study claims

The Engineer (24/08): Brexit: Expert reaction to no-deal notices

The Guardian (22/08): Girls with top science GCSEs 'deterred from study at higher level'

New Civil Engineer (17/08): A Level results show improved STEM uptake

The Independent (02/08): Final Say: Top British scientists back The Independent’s call for a referendum on Brexit deal

The Independent (01/08): Here’s what a no-deal Brexit could mean for Science

July 2018

EPM Magazine (31/07): Response to latest committee report on policy options for post-Brexit migration

Research Fortnight (11/07): Gyimah pushes research up the economic agenda

New Scientist (14/07): Science's deal or no deal

Nature (10/07): Foreign-researcher figures stress need for immigration reform before Brexit

Verdict (06/07): UK attempts to plug STEM skills shortage with science visa scheme

June 2018

Computer Weekly (21/06): How NHS visa cap exemption could help boost tech sector

The Conversation (20/06): Exemption for doctors and nurses may not prevent Tier 2 skilled visa cap being hit in future

Personnel Today (19/06): Tier 2 visas: how the NHS exemption will benefit other sectors

Information Age (18/06): Relaxation of Tier 2 visas may not be enough to solve the skills shortage

BMJ (14/06): Visa cap on overseas doctors coming to UK is expected to be removed

The Register (14/06): Scrapping Brit cap on nurses, doctors means more room for IT folk

IT Pro (13/06): Home Office to offer startup visas to foreign tech entrepreneurs

City AM (11/06): Britain’s economic growth is being stifled by visa red tape

EPM Magazine (06/06): CaSE responds to home secretary remarks that a ‘fresh look’ will be taken on visa cap

The Telegraph (03/06): Visa rules for skilled tech staff have passed their use by date

May 2018 

Paul Blomfield MP (31/05): Arbitrary tier 2 cap means UK is losing out

The Sunday Times (27/05): Theresa May’s visa cap hurts employers — and her Brexit vision

The Evening Standard (25/05): Overwhelming majority of Brits want Theresa May to scrap the cap on foreign doctors, new poll finds

Business Line (25/050: UK’s ‘hostile’ approach to immigration

Little India (24/05): Hundreds’ of Skilled Indian Migrants Facing Visa Issues in UK, Says Indian Envoy

Digit (23/05): Could Brexit border break Britan's top tech status?

Times Higher Education (23/05): UK to respect ECJ role in EU research collaborations post-Brexit

Chemistry World (23/05): Britain ready to pay to stay in Euratom and EU research programme

Computer Weekly (18/05): Government to get new digital visa service (18/05): Skilled Labor After Brexit

Information Age (18/05): Qualified workers turned away by Home Office as businesses face STEM skills shortage

The Guardian (17/05): Trump and May have one thing in common: they are incapable of reason

The Engineer (17/05): STEM recruitment crisis costs UK industry £1.5bn per year

Contractor UK (17/05): Britain blocks visas for 1,200 IT specialists 

The Inquirer (17/05): Britain rejects thousands of immigrant workers with tech skills

The Independent (17/05): Theresa May's 'arbitrary' visa scheme denies entry to thousands of foreign doctors, engineers and scientists with UK job offers

Silicon Republic (17/05): Britain’s lost talent: 3,500 STEM professionals refused visas

New Civil Engineer (17/05): Civil engineers denied UK work visas

The Hindu Business Line (16/05): Fresh concerns raised over Britain’s visa cap

Shropshire Star (16/05): Doctors among 6,080 highly skilled workers denied visas to take up jobs in UK

Times of India (16/05): Indians among thousands being denied skilled visas to UK

Hindustan Times (16/05): Indian doctors, engineers among thousands being denied UK visas due to immigration cap

British Medical Association (16/05): Visa cap blocks thousands of medical applications

The Mirror (16/05): Theresa May has been plunged into a fresh immigration scandal after 6,000 skilled workers were barred from Britain

BBC News (16/05): 1,600 IT workers and engineers denied UK visas

BBC Today programme (16/05): Tier 2 visa refusals (from 1.06.24)

Times Higher Education (16/05): Brexit UK ‘risks falling to 20th in world in HE and research’

Evening Standard (16/05): Thousands of scientists and doctors from outside EU denied UK work visas

Evening Standard (16/05): Why London needs skilled immigrants

The Register (16/05): UK has rejected over 1,000 skilled IT bod visa applications this year

Financial Times (16/05): Visa cap stopped 6,000 key workers coming to UK in 4-month period

Relocate global (16/05): Record number of techies and engineers denied UK visas

Xinhaunet (16/05): Thousands of non-EU skilled workers denied UK work visas: report

Times Higher Education (16/05): Brexit UK ‘risks falling to 20th in world in HE and research’

Talk radio (16/05): Interviewed on Tier 2 visa cap refusals (from 11.20)

LBC (16/05): Interviewed on Tier 2 visa cap refusals

Times Higher Education (14/05): The expectations for UKRI are high, and we intend to meet them

Times Higher Education (10/05): Sam Gyimah: how is English ‘minister for students’ doing so far?

BBC News Scotland (08/05): Britain's work permits force hard labour

April 2018

UK Science Park Association (Spring): Your say

Research Fortnight (24/04): UK could lose access to EU innovation funding

Research Fortnight (23/04): Government lacks plan to meet 2.4% target, say MPs

Liverpool Echo (18/04): Changes on the way to science classes in many Merseyside schools through new LJMU scheme

The New York Times (05/04): U.K. Universities Face Uncertainty as Brexit Looms

The Sunday Times (01/04): Fears of skills shortage grow in visa crunch

March 2018

The Telegraph (29/03): Here's how we can be a science superpower outside of the EU

EPM Magazine (28/03): New Brexit report asks government for swift action for agreement on research and innovation

Medical Plastics News (28/03): Brexit report calls for research agreement with EU

Med-Tech Innovation (28/03): Brexit report calls to place UK as global innovation hub

The Guardian (28/03): Warwick University to offer joint degrees with European institutions

Chemistry World (23/03): UK government urged to prioritise science in Brexit negotiations

Science (22/03): Expectations are high for UKRI, the United Kingdom’s new £6 billion research behemoth

The Guardian (19/03): Brexit creates big challenges for government science advisers. Can universities help?

UCL News (16/03): UCL joins call to support world-leading science and engineering

Chemistry World (16/03: Science campaign group calls for immigration reform

February 2018

Science (22/02): U.K. scientists increasingly anxious about Brexit confusion

Financial Times (12/02): NHS urges easing UK visa rules for non-EU medical recruits

Lexis Nexis (07/02): Building a consensus on immigration—action required

The Hindu (01/02): UK needs more skilled workers

December 2017

Cambridge News (25/12): Overseas doctors blocked from Addenbrooke's jobs - because their salaries are too low

Nature (08/12): Brexit ‘breakthrough’ draws praise from science policy experts

Times Higher Education (01/12): Independent scrutiny ‘key to success of UK industrial strategy’

November 2017

Times Higher Education (24/11): Minimum income threshold post-Brexit ‘would deter scientists’

Chemistry World (23/11): Budget begins to reveal how UK will hit research funding target

BBC News (22/11): Research money central to Budget

The Register (20/11): to chuck an extra £2.3bn at R&D ahead of Budget

Science (20/11): United Kingdom promises another shot of cash for R&D

The Times (17/11): EU and innovation

Research Fortnight (15/11): Vallance's talk is to reboot the science advice network

Research Fortnight (15/11): Balancing act

September 2017

Research Fortnight (20/09): The challenge is to keep science at the centre of Brexit talks

Genome Web (15/09): There is only 1

Science Business (14/09): UK science committee chair calls for more women MPs nominees

Public Technology (14/09): Parties urged to review nomination process after all-male Science and Technology Committee backlash

Science (14/09): After uproar, U.K. Parliament’s science committee now has a female member

The Guardian (13/09): With its lack of diversity, the Science and Technology Committee scores an own goal

New Scientist (12/09): Why does the Science and Technology Committee have no women – and a climate sceptic?

Chemistry World (07/09): UK's post-Brexit wish list of scientific collaborations published

Science Mag (06/09): United Kingdom wants cozy science ties with Europe after Brexit

New Statesman (06/09): The Brexit paper on science reads like a bad Taylor Swift break-up song

Science Business (06/09): UK wants to remain in EU research programmes – and it wants better terms than anyone else

The Guardian (06/09): Scientists fear Brexit brain drain if leaked Home Office proposals implemented

BBC Newsnight (06/09)

BBC News (06/09): Ministers want 'ambitious' post-Brexit research deal

BBC Breakfast (06/09): Close research links with EU 'negotiable' post-Brexit

August 2017

The Institution of Mechnical Engineers (24/08): Exams are 'failing to prepare school leavers' for engineering careers

The Engineer (18/08): A-Levels: STEM on the rise but teacher crisis deepens

Scottish Herald (09/08): Languages under pressure after fall in pupils taking German and French

July 2017

Times Higher Education (27/07): Protecting EU links ‘very high priority’ for UK research chief

Times Higher Education (18/07): Brexit department lacks scientific adviser as talks get under way

June 2017

Research Fortnight (28/06): Double or quits

Royal Society of Biology: Jo Johnson stresses Government commitment to science and announces funding for nuclear fusion project

The Engineer (05/06): CaSE says parties’ Brexit stances will impact STEM

Pan European Networks (01/06): CaSE receives support from political parties

May 2017

Nature (31/05): Pay-to-view blacklist of predatory journals set to launch

Nature (31/05): Keep shouting to save science

I-News (30/05): What the Tory manifesto means for British science

Nature (20/05): UK political parties promise science funding boost

Research Fortnight (19/05): University leaders welcome Tory pledge to increase R&D spend

The Independent (18/05): Government accused of gagging scientists by misapplying purdah rule

The Times (09/05): Statistical Abuse

The Scotsman (04/05): The stereotype of a scientist leaves little room for women or minorities

Materials World (02/05): Bridging the skills gap

April 2017

New Scientist (24/04): Why expert evidence can help deliver a good deal for voters

March 2017

Science (13/03): U.K. scientists prepare for impending break with European Union

Science (08/03): Tech and talent win big in U.K. science budget

Lab News (08/03): Boost for science announced in the budget

Times Higher Education (02/03): Sir Mark Walport: UKRI head with the power to ‘shock’

February 2017

Nature (28/2): UK scientists welcome changes to controversial research reforms

BBC News (24/2): Minister to enshrine protection for research independence

Nature (21/2): Delay in hiring science advisers intensifies Brexit worries

The Financial Times (16/02): UK steps in to plug science funding gap

January 2017

The Engineer (18/01): Brexit, Hard times lie ahead

Buzzfeed (17/01): Scientists Are Unconvinced By Theresa May’s Brexit Speech

December 2016

Times Higher Education (22/12): UK government 'fully endorses' university-industry report

The Guardian (20/12): Scientists need to wake up to the opportunities of Brexit

Research Fortnight (07/12): Research Fortnight and HE debate on the higher education and research bill

Buzzfeed (02/12): Government Changes Rules On Handing Out Cash To Charities Following Kids Company Collapse

November 2016

Buzzfeed (30/11): We’re Starting To See What Post-Brexit Science In The UK Might Look Like

CCTV (Chinese State TV) (28/11): Dr Sarah Main interviewed on the Autumn Statement

BBC Radio 4 (24/11): Inside Science

The Mancunian (24/11): Government urged to not use EU university staff as "bargaining chips"

Nature (23/11): UK scientists excited by surprise £2-billion government windfall

Financial Times (22/11): Industry welcomes £2bn R&D windfall but queries effect on output

Times Higher Education (21/11): Theresa May announces £2 billion boost for UK research

The Engineer (21/11): Where winners can emerge and grow

Chemistry World (21/11): Prime minister’s vision for innovative UK welcomed

Nature (21/11): Cautious welcome for UK's vague £2 billion research pledge

BBC News at One (21/11): CaSE Director Dr Sarah Main interviewed on Prime Minister's announcement of new R&D investment

BBC News (21/11): PM signals £2bn a year science funding increase

BBC News (21/11): Is this the PM's 'white heat' of technology moment?

BBC Nottingham (21/11): CaSE Deputy Director Naomi Weir interviewed on Prime Minister's announcement of new R&D investment

BBC News (19/11): Academics 'must not be used as Brexit pawns'

The Economist (18/11): British MPs call for immigration guarantees for scientists

Nature (09/11): Brexit chancellor’s annual address is a science nail-biter

October 2016

The Guardian (25/10): Crowdfunding: the new buzzword for academics needing research money

Science (13/10): A stronger voice for U.K. science—but at what cost?

BBC News 24 (07/10): CaSE Director Dr Sarah Main interviewed on immigration

New Scientist (05/10): Cutting overseas students and skilled migrants will only harm UK

Nature (04/10): Oppose the UK Higher Education and Research Bill

August 2016

Financial Times (23/08): Brexit: An experiment full of risk for British science 

Science Business (18/08): UK government pledges to guarantee funding for R&D projects that run on after Brexit

The Scientist (16/08): UK Government Guarantees EU Funding

Science (15/08): U.K. scientists get a bit of Brexit relief, at least for grant proposals

Nature (15/08): UK government gives Brexit science funding guarantee

New Scientist (10/08): Cast into limbo, UK science is confronting Brexit uncertainty

The Huffington Post (09/08): Freedom of Movement is Key to Social Mobility in the UK (08/08): FDF signs letteer calling for delayed apprenticeship levy

July 2016

BBC Radio 4 Today (28/07):  Beatrix Potter and science (02:53:40)

Scientific American (25/07): Brexit Watch UK Researchers Scramble to Save Science

Chemistry World (21/07): No time for grief: we must act

Science (18/07): A week of political bloodletting, but U.K. science minister keeps his job

Bloomberg Technology (16/07): Shrinking Pools of Money, Talent May Bind Biotechs After Brexit

Times Higher Education (15/07): What does Whitehall restructure mean for research?

Nature (15/07): First Greek science agency is rare source of joy for beleaguered researchers

Times Higher Education (15/07): What does Whitehall restructure mean for research?

Nature (14/07): Science's status shifts in new Brexit government

Engineering and Technology Magazine (12/07) EU researchers wary of cooperation with Brits, survey shows

The Guardian (12/07): Here's why science should take a seat at the Brexit negotiation table

Channel 4 News (11/07): Brexit - what will it mean for science

June 2016

Science Media Centre (05/07): Reflections on the referendum 

Parliment, Science and Technology Committee (05/07): Implications of leaving the EU for science and research examined

Times Higher Education Supplement (30/06): Brexit: future EU research money for UK may rely on free movement 

Financial Times (30/06): Scientists urged to look for positives

Royal Statistical Society (30/06): Jo Johnson says science and innovation 'will endure' in U

Wall Street Journal (27/06): Britain’s Vote to Leave EU Jeopardizes Scientific Research Funding

Times Higher Education (27/06): Brexit: future EU research money for UK may rely on free movement

The Engineer (25/06): How Brexit could affect the engineering industry

The British Journal (25/06): Scientists deplore U.K. decision to leave the European Union

Physics World (24/06: UK physics faces huge uncertainty after EU referendum result

BBC News (24/06): EU referendum: UK science wakes up to new future

International Business Times (24/06): 'A devastating legacy': Reactions to Brexit from the UK science community

Times Higher Education (24/06): Brexit vote sparks huge uncertainty for UK universities

The Engineer (24/06): Industry calls for stability and safeguards following Brexit vote

Laboratory News (24/06): Science reacts to UK’s decision to leave the EU

The Courier (24/06): Britain votes Brexit: Scientific community expresses concerns

The Guardian (21/06): If Britain leaves Europe, we could be leaving the space race too

Morning Post (22/06): British Businesses Hanging in Suspense Under Brexit Cloud of Uncertainty

Gloucestershire Live (14/06): Referendum turns heads at the Cheltenham Science Festival

Finn Extra (08/06): Innovate Finance and Campaign for Science & Engineering bid to boost diversity in Stem

House of Commons (07/06): Higher Education and Research Bill 2016

May 2016

Chemistry World (31/05): To leave or not to leave

The Evening Standard (25/05): How Brexit could deepen the City’s woes in the hunt to plug Britain’s skills gap

Times Higher Education (16/05): HE White Paper: what it means for research

House of Lords (05/05): Adjournment debate - Polytechnics

April 2016

The Telegraph (27/04): British scientists have spoken, and they want to stay in the EU 

Research Fortnight (27/04):  Lobbying exemption is a relief, but how did it come to this? 

Chemistry World (25/04): UK science reaps rewards within EU

E&T Magazine (19/04): Politics; Brexit

Research Fortnight (19/04): Research to be exempt from gagging clause

Buzzfeed (19/04): Government Exempts Scientists From Controversial Gagging Clause

Nature (19/04): UK government pulls back from rule ‘gagging’ researchers

Times Higher Education (19/04): Anti-lobbying clause: ‘no intention’ to apply it to academics

The Guardian (19/04): Ministers back down on rule ‘gagging’ scientists

The Independent (19/04): Government forced to back down on plan to gag academics and scientists

Quartz (18/04): Scientists in the UK are about to lose their chance to speak out against the government

The Observor (17/04): Britain’s scientists must not be gagged 

Engineering and Technology Magazine (11/04): Brexit: science, engineering and technology says no

ITN News (08/04): Remain or Leave? What could it mean for scientific research?

Nature (07/04): Disability awareness: The fight for accessibility

March 2016

Buzzfeed (25/03): Government Warned It Could Be About To Silence Scientists

The Financial Times (23/03): Gagging scientists will serve no good at all

The Daily Telegraph (11/03): Letters – Universities would face an immediate disadvantage if Britain left the European Union

Huffington Post (11/03): Why Leaving the EU Would Be Bad for British Science

Buzzfeed (10/03): “Political Opportunism, Not Scientific Merit” Drives British Science Investment

Business Insider (10/03): Biggest public policy issue for UK tech startups

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (07/03): Letter to the Chancellor – The Budget and the ‘science budget’

UnDark (03/03): UK Scientists Chafe at Anti-Lobbying Rule

Chemistry World (02/03): Concerns grow among scientists over new ‘anti-lobbying’ rules 

February 2016

Financial Times (28/02): Scientists fear loss of funding if Britain leaves EU

BBC News (26/02): EU exit ‘risks British science’

UK Science Park Association (26/02): Investing in science

The Observer (20/02): Scientists attack their ‘muzzling’ by government 

The Mancunian (09/02): British science will be hindered by EU exit, says Universities and Science Minister

Attractions Management (01/02): Government announces £30m fund for science centres

January 2016

Royal Society of Chemistry (28/01): Science minister announces new UK funding

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (27/01): Making Britain the best place in the world for science

Institute of Chemical Engineers (26/01): Britain must welcome the world’s science and engineering talent

Laboratory News (21/01): Did George Osborne give science a happy New Year?

House of Commons (19/01/): Increasing diversity in STEM careers

The Observer (17/01): Scientific prizes don’t come without public money

The Times (13/01): Thirty years ago campaigners took out an advert in The Times, fearing a science “brain drain”. Little has changed

The Guardian (01/16): The EU vote isn’t just about Westminster – we need grassroots campaigns too