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What we do

We deliver independent, authoritative analysis

On areas of broad concern across the sector, develop recommendations for action, and publish evidence-based reports and briefings. Our work is informed by consultation with members & collaborators and, through sustained political and media engagement, we work to ensure the sector’s voice is heard at the highest levels of government. Find all our work, grouped by theme, here.


All of our work to make a compelling case to secure high levels of investment in research and innovation. We scrutinise how R&D investments are made, to deliver value for the tax-payer and a dynamic economy.

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People & Skills

The science base is only as strong as the people in it. Find all our work on primary education through to further & higher education, diversity and immigration.

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Research System

We work to elevate the contribution and functioning of the wider research system. This includes work on research infrastructure, support for innovation, and the regional dimension of R&D.

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Political Engagement

We work to develop clear recommendations for Government and other policy makers to ensure that science and engineering can flourish. This includes responding to consultations, writing letters to MPs and contributing our voice through the media.

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Public Opinion

We are creating a space for those championing R&D to work together and articulate a clear and compelling vision of a future with R&D at its heart. To support this process, we’re delivering new public opinion data and inspiring campaign concepts.

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Annual Lecture

Each year our lecture gives an opportunity for a guest speaker to discuss science and engineering advocacy.

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CaSE is a charity, funded entirely by our growing membership

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