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In-depth reviews of key areas and decisions facing the R&D sector, with recommendations for progress

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Rapid analysis of events and data across the sector, offering the perspective of the CaSE team

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Political and press letters, as CaSE seeks to push for action on key issues facing the R&D sector

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Public Opinion during the General Election year: Exploring growth, jobs and trust
21 May 2024

Ahead of the General Election, CaSE is supporting the R&D sector’s advocacy by exploring attitudes to R&D and politically salient issues; our first poll looks at economic growth and how people would like their next MP to act on issues related to R&D.

Government Expenditure on R&D Analysis- 2022 ONS Figures
07 May 2024

CaSE analysis of Government Expenditure on R&D (GovERD) statistics for 2022.

‘Spring Budget for Long-term Growth’: What are the implications for R&D?
07 March 2024

CaSE’s analysis of the 2024 Spring Budget.

UK sees stagnating business R&D investment
29 February 2024

The Office for National Statistics have released the latest business enterprise research and development data for the UK in 2022.

A welcome Labour Plan for the Life Sciences Sector
20 February 2024

On 30th January, Labour announced its plan for the life sciences sector. CaSE welcomes the proposals and encourages Labour to extend their commitments to the whole science and innovation sector.

What to make of DSIT’s first year?
14 February 2024

DSIT released a series of announcements as it marked its first anniversary on 9th February 2024. Below we take a look at some of these updates.

A look ahead at 2024
30 January 2024

A General Election year presents a real opportunity for the R&D sector to make our voices heard.

Launching our R&D advocacy toolkit
07 December 2023

CaSE has launched its R&D Advocacy Toolkit with a pair of guides for organisations and individuals who want to make R&D matter to more people, whether that’s the public or politicians.

Building on CaSE’s public opinion data: Exploring terminology, timeframes and political priorities
05 December 2023

The Discovery Decade team discusses the results of the latest piece of polling from its major piece of research into public attitudes to R&D.

CaSE in 2023 – Director’s address to the AGM
01 December 2023

Executive Director Professor Sarah Main gives her final report on CaSE’s activities and successes this year, as well as her reflections on a decade leading CaSE, at the 2023 AGM on 28th November.

CaSE welcomes the Government’s response to the Landscape Review
01 December 2023

CaSE takes a look at the Government’s response to Sir Paul Nurse’s independent review of the UK’s research development and innovation organisational landscape.

A public dialogue to explore society’s stake in R&D
01 December 2023

CaSE is pleased to officially announce the start of our public dialogue exercise exploring society’s stake in research in the UK.