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In-depth reviews of key areas and decisions facing the R&D sector, with recommendations for progress

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Rapid analysis of events and data across the sector, offering the perspective of the CaSE team

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Political and press letters, as CaSE seeks to push for action on key issues facing the R&D sector

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CaSE in 2023 – Director’s address to the AGM
01 December 2023

Executive Director Professor Sarah Main gives her final report on CaSE’s activities and successes this year, as well as her reflections on a decade leading CaSE, at the 2023 AGM on 28th November.

CaSE welcomes the Government’s response to the Landscape Review
01 December 2023

CaSE takes a look at the Government’s response to Sir Paul Nurse’s independent review of the UK’s research development and innovation organisational landscape.

A public dialogue to explore society’s stake in R&D
01 December 2023

CaSE is pleased to officially announce the start of our public dialogue exercise exploring society’s stake in research in the UK.

The “Autumn Statement for Growth”
24 November 2023

What does the 2023 Autumn Statement mean for research and innovation?

A shuffle of the Science Minister deck
20 November 2023

CaSE looks back at George Freeman’s tenure as Minister of State for Science, Technology and Innovation, and welcomes new Science Minister Andrew Griffith.

Building a better environment for business R&D
18 October 2023

CaSE is launching its next major project of work, a focused look at the needs of business R&D in the UK.

The news we’ve all been waiting for – Horizon association
07 September 2023

This is the news we’ve all been waiting for, the UK and EU have finally agreed a deal on the UK’s association to Horizon Europe.

School exam results 2023
17 August 2023

We look at the number of students who chose to take A-levels, Highers, and GCSEs in STEM-related subjects.

R&D investment in the UK continues to increase.
11 August 2023

The Office for National Statistics have published the latest figures for R&D expenditure in the UK here we look at what they mean and project ahead to 2024/25.

Expanding our Discovery Decade dataset: A deep dive into effective R&D messaging and visuals
08 August 2023

We have publishing new data from our ongoing public opinion research, which explores people’s reactions to different written and visual framings of R&D related concepts.

The negative impact of increased visa fees
21 July 2023

Planned increases to visa and immigration fees could undermine the UK’s ambitions for research and innovation.

Delivering a joined-up and integrated skills system
29 June 2023

In this piece we bring together some of the sector’s views and recommendations on the skills needed to make the UK a more research and innovation intensive economy.