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Since its creation in 1986 CaSE has fought hard on behalf of the entire science and engineering sector to ensure that the UK has the skills, funding and policies for the sector to thrive. This work has been even more important and valuable in recent years, as the sector has moved from an era of flat cash budgets to growing R&D spending, whilst still facing a number of challenges and obstacles.

CaSE’s work has influenced the new Department for Science, Innovation and Technology’s (DSIT’s) framework

We have been building a narrative over a number of years across numerous reports and analysis pieces. Below you can see where some of our reports and recommendations have been drawn into the framework.

The DSIT Framework items are:

  1. Identifying critical technologies
  2. Signalling UK strengths and ambitions
  3. Investment in research and development
  4. Talent and skills
  5. Financing innovative science and technology companies
  6. Procurement
  7. International opportunities
  8. Access to physical and digital infrastructure
  9. Regulation and standards
  10. Innovative public sector
Building on Scientific Strength – May 2019

The calls to action and recommendations of this report can be found right across the framework in items 3, 5, 6, 8, & 10. In the report we called for incentivising of private investment, and better use of public procurement to adopt innovation faster. As well unlocking institutional investment to provide greater support for start-ups.

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The Power of Place – May 2020

This report discussed how we could maximise local economic impacts of R&D investment in the UK. It’s findings and recommendations are reflected in item 3, including the importance of local leadership in all regions of the UK and support for small businesses.

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Inspiring Innovation – May 2021

Content from this report can be found throughout item 4 in the framework. Including our calls for a confident and empowered teaching workforce, making STEM careers inclusive to all, and ensuring exploration of innovation through practical, hands-on science.

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The 5-Point Roadmap to Becoming a 'Science Superpower' – September 2021

Four of our five points from this report are echoed in the framework items 3, 4, & 10. Our calls were for a plan for private investment, the channelling of science and technology into all parts of government, that R&D opportunities should be delivered to all parts of the UK , and that we need to attract the R&D workforce the UK needs for tomorrow.

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Unlocking the potential of Public Sector research Establishments – May 2022

Items 3 and 8 highlight the importance of PSREs and ensuring their capabilities are understood. In this report we emphasised how critical a part of the UK’s R&D sector PSREs are.

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Discovery Decade Public Attitudes Research – February 2023

Item 2 aims to create an environment where citizens “trust that science and technology can improve their lives”. This emphasis on public support, and need to communicate the value of R&D, aligns with CaSE’s study of public opinion which highlighted the strong support for Government investment in R&D, but also the low visibility of R&D’s benefits.

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'A Decade of Success' – Celebrating CaSE's achievements between 2010 – 2021

In 2021 we compiled the four case studies below, illustrating CaSE’s vital role in standing up for the sector and a unique organisational strength that we utilised in each case study to achieve success; the importance of evidence to underpin what we want to say; being an impartial and trusted voice; working hard to develop good relations with policy and decision makers; and harnessing the media and bringing the entire sector together to speak with one voice.

By using these key strengths over the last decade, CaSE has been able to fulfil its mission and cement its reputation as the leading independent advocate for science and engineering in the UK.

Our achievements: Providing the economic evidence for investing in R&D

Faced with a frozen science budget in 2010, CaSE sought to transform the government’s attitude to investing in science and research.

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Our achievements: Giving the research community the freedom to influence government

In 2016 CaSE moved into action when a new anti-lobbying clause by the government threatened to restrict the work of scientists and researchers.

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Our achievements: Creating an immigration system that attracts global talent

From 2017 on we have led a successful campaign to reform the UK immigration system and better attract global talent.

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Our achievements: Advocating for science at the 2021 spending review

With the Government having previously announced ambitious targets to boost investment in R&D, CaSE worked hard to ensure that the 2021 Spending Review kept these on track.

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You can read more about our recent successes in our latest Annual Review