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Public Opinion

Making R&D matter to more people

CaSE’s Discovery Decade project is helping R&D organisations and advocates to connect with a broader base of public supporters.

We are creating a space for those championing R&D to work together and articulate a clear and compelling vision of a future with R&D at its heart. To support this process, we’re delivering new public opinion data and inspiring campaign concepts.

In 2022-23, the Discovery Decade carried out a major study of public attitudes to R&D. Our briefings summarise key findings and takeaways on R&D actors and topics

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We are using the findings from the Discovery Decade project to support the sector’s advocacy in the run-up to the next General Election

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We’d love to hear from anyone who wants to get involved in the Discovery Decade’s work or simply find out more about the project

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Building Effective Campaigns

Using our evidence base, we are creating an advocacy toolkit and resources to help advocates think, plan and enact effective campaigns

Building Effective Campaigns

Public Opinion Research

What do the public think and feel about R&D? Explore the results of our major public attitudes surveys

CaSE Public Opinion Research

People's Vision for R&D

We are strengthening our evidence base and understanding of public attitudes to R&D through public dialogue

People's Vision for R&D

About the Discovery Decade

Our objectives and motivations for the Discovery Decade project

About the Discovery Decade

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