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Research and innovation are essential to solving the societal challenges facing the UK and the wider world.

We work with our members and the R&D community to make a compelling case to secure high levels of investment in research and innovation and to champion the role of science and engineering in improving people’s lives and livelihoods. We scrutinise how R&D investments are made, to deliver value for the tax-payer and a dynamic economy. This includes work on public and private R&D investment, the UK’s research intensity and the UK’s participation in international research programmes such as Horizon Europe.

The implications of revised R&D levels for policy and advocacy

Daniel Rathbone and Camilla d’Angelo discuss the latest ONS R&D statistics, and what they might mean for policy and advocacy. The new gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) release shows that the UK has been doing much more R&D than previously thought.

The UK is doing more R&D than was previously thought

In this piece our policy team analyse the recent R&D statistics released by the ONS. In a future piece we…

The Spring Budget 2023 – what are the implications for R&D?

Last week the Chancellor made a series of announcements as part of the Spring Budget 2023. Below we delve into…

Making a difference

During the comprehensive spending review (CSR)in 2021, CaSE drew on our contacts to confirm that the Government R&D targets were at risk CaSE moved quickly to engage directly with key Treasury officials and ministerial advisors, sharing examples from across our membership to highlighted the need to maintain this financial commitment to the sector.