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Research and innovation are essential to solving the societal challenges facing the UK and the wider world.

We work with our members and the R&D community to make a compelling case to secure high levels of investment in research and innovation and to champion the role of science and engineering in improving people’s lives and livelihoods. We scrutinise how R&D investments are made, to deliver value for the tax-payer and a dynamic economy. This includes work on public and private R&D investment, the UK’s research intensity and the UK’s participation in international research programmes such as Horizon Europe.

CaSE and British Academy join forces to assess the economic impact of UK R&D

A major new collaboration between the British Academy and the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) will provide up-to-date, robust and creative analyses of the economic returns of the UK research base. This analysis will generate a better understanding of the relationship between research, innovation and productivity growth, and contribute to strengthening the evidence base for the development of policies to support and promote innovation.

Building upon The Economic Significance of the UK Science Base (2014) and Understanding SHAPE in R&D (2023), the British Academy and CaSE have commissioned Cambridge Econometrics and Fathom Consulting to undertake complementary economic analyses, using creative approaches to deepen our understanding of economic returns of research and development (R&D).

Government Expenditure on R&D Analysis- 2022 ONS Figures

CaSE analysis of Government Expenditure on R&D (GovERD) statistics for 2022.

UK sees stagnating business R&D investment

The Office for National Statistics have released the latest business enterprise research and development data for the UK in 2022.