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CaSE Representation to Spring Budget 2024

26 Feb 2024

In the 2024 Spring Budget, CaSE has called on the Government to:

Invest in research and innovation to drive economic growth and prosperity in the UK

The Government have long recognised that investing in research and innovation helps us solve the problems facing people in the UK, and across the world. This investment improves people’s lives and livelihoods, creating new jobs and future industries, new educational opportunities, and the economic growth that will pay for our local and public services and strengthen our communities. The commitment to spend £20bn on research and development (R&D) in 2024-25 is very welcome.

Continue to drive forward the Science Capability Review recommendations

CaSE was very supportive of the Science Capability Review when it was published in 2019. It is also welcome that a progress report was published recently by the Government Office for Science that shows significant progress has been made towards its recommendations. This process should continue to be driven forward as it will see significant benefits across Government.

Unlock skills for a more R&D-led economy

Developing and supporting the R&D skills base will be essential to deliver the UK’s science and technology ambitions. The People and Culture Strategy estimated that the R&D sector will need at least an additional 150,000 researchers and technicians by 2030 to sustain the UK’s ambitions for R&D. The Government must support and coordinate a more integrated skills system and should set out a clear plan for people and skills that aligns with its priorities for science and technology.

Leverage business investment in research and innovation

While we have seen welcome increases in public sector commitments to invest in R&D, ensuring private sector investment continues to rise will be vital to achieving any UK R&D targets, and to support the wider growth and productivity of the UK. In a globally competitive climate, the UK must provide an attractive and competitive environment if it wants businesses to invest more in research and innovation.

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