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In-depth reviews of key areas and decisions facing the R&D sector, with recommendations for progress

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Rapid analysis of events and data across the sector, offering the perspective of the CaSE team

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Political and press letters, as CaSE seeks to push for action on key issues facing the R&D sector

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CaSE Manifesto for Science and Engineering 2024
17 April 2024

The next Government must commit to using research and innovation as the route to improving people’s lives and livelihoods in the UK.

Business R&D Roundtable: Innovative and responsive regulation to support business R&I investment
16 April 2024

An unattributed summary of a roundtable organised by CaSE and sponsored by LifeArc, on Wednesday 31st January 2024.

People’s Vision for R&D: Stakeholder Workshops Report
04 April 2024

CaSE hosted five workshops to gather views on the priorities, barriers and solutions that could help build a stronger relationship between the public and the R&D system, as well as collect examples of existing best practice.

Cross sector call for the UK to be a leading country in the G7 on R&D investment
26 March 2024

CaSE in collaboration with 30 other leaders of the UK R&D sector, have issued a joint statement of our united position on the importance of R&D for the UK.

International talent is crucial if the UK is to achieve its research intensity ambitions
19 March 2024

CaSE have looked closely at the detail of recent immigration and visa changes and the impact they are having or are anticipated to have on the R&D sector.

‘Spring Budget for Long-term Growth’: What are the implications for R&D?
07 March 2024

CaSE’s analysis of the 2024 Spring Budget.

UK sees stagnating business R&D investment
29 February 2024

The Office for National Statistics have released the latest business enterprise research and development data for the UK in 2022.

CaSE Representation to Spring Budget 2024
26 February 2024

Read CaSE’s representation to HM Treasury for Spring Budget 2024.

Public Attitudes to R&D: Regional Analysis
22 February 2024

This briefing explores attitudes to R&D across the UK’s regions, based on evidence from CaSE’s Discovery Decade 2022-23 public attitudes study.

A welcome Labour Plan for the Life Sciences Sector
20 February 2024

On 30th January, Labour announced its plan for the life sciences sector. CaSE welcomes the proposals and encourages Labour to extend their commitments to the whole science and innovation sector.

Business R&D Roundtable: Financial incentives to support business R&I investment
15 February 2024

An unattributed summary of a roundtable organised by CaSE, sponsored by LifeArc, on Wednesday 13th December 2023.

Business R&D Roundtable: How can UK R&I infrastructure support business R&I investment?
15 February 2024

An unattributed summary of a roundtable organised by CaSE at the White City Campus, Imperial College London, sponsored by LifeArc, on Thursday 7th December 2023.