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CaSE in the Media

As a trusted source of independent and responsive analysis, we regularly comment in the media on a wide range of science and engineering issues. Below you will find a list of all the recent appearances CaSE has made in print, broadcast and electronic media.

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On Thursday 7th September 2023 the UK secured association with European research programmes.

Our Executive Director appeared across the media with our reaction to the news.


Research Fortnight (23/11): Horizon ‘Plan B’ fellowships backed by £250m from Treasury

Financial Times (22/11): AI and quantum research at centre of UK science and tech announcements

Times Higher Education (22/11): Science adviser ‘worried’ about breaching of Haldane principle

Research Fortnight (15/11): R&D sector welcomes new science minister

Research Fortnight (14/11): Explainer: Who is Andrew Griffith, the new science minister?

Times Higher Education (14/11): Andrew Griffith named new UK science minister

Times Higher Education (09/11): Domestic students squeezed out as UKRI PhD support contracts


The Times (04/10): Research and business meet to keep UK fourth in global innovation index


Research Fortnight (14/09): Sarah Main to step down as head of UK science campaign group

LBC News (07/09): LBC News with John Stratford

BBC News (07/09): UK rejoins EU science research scheme, Horizon

Research Fortnight (07/09): ‘Finally!’: UK and EU R&D leaders react to Horizon Europe deal

Science (07/09): U.K. finally rejoins Horizon Europe research funding scheme

Financial Times (06/09): UK to rejoin EU Horizon research programme


The Times (20/07): Times letters: Encouraging some migrants, deterring others

Research Fortnight (17/07): UK R&D sector voices concern over planned visa fee hike

Times Radio (06/07): John Pienaar with Times Radio Drive (skip to 00:54:02)

The Times (06/07): Sunak ‘fiddling while science burns’ over rejoining EU’s Horizon research programme

BBC News (06/07): Horizon research deal with EU awaits Sunak’s signature

Press Association via Evening Standard (06/07): Draft deal on UK rejoining EU’s Horizon science scheme drawn up, sources say

Times Higher Education (05/07): UK Horizon Europe association ‘close after draft deal with EU’

Press Association via City AM (05/07): Britain to rejoin EU’s R&D Horizon scheme after months of hard post-Brexit talks

Research Fortnight (05/07): Reports spark hope of Horizon Europe deal for UK

Press Association via Shropshire Star (05/07): Draft deal on UK rejoining EU’s Horizon science scheme drawn up, sources say


Financial Times (29/06): Unlocking the UK-EU Horizon deal

Chemistry World (20/06): UK government urged to act on Stem training and visas

Research Fortnight (14/06): Seizing the skills opportunity

Research Fortnight (14/06): A case in point

May 2023

Research Fortnight (19/05): R&D sector sets out expectations for a Labour government

POLITICO Pro Morning Tech UK (17/05): DSIT’s first 100 days

April 2023

Birkenhead News (22/04): Wirral MP urges UK government to secure research funding agreement with EU

Physics World (17/04): UK unveils ‘plan B’ if negotiations to join Horizon Europe fail

Research Fortnight (13/04): Translational research charity joins UK science advocacy group

Research Fortnight (11/04): Horizon Europe association ‘still best outcome’ for UK

Science Business (07/04): Plan P: UK to replace Horizon Europe with £14.6B Pioneer programme if association talks fail

Financial Times (06/04): UK sets out £14.6bn science scheme as back-up to EU’s Horizon

Research Fortnight (06/04): UK government unveils £14.6bn Plan B for Horizon Europe

Research Fortnight (04/04): Patrick Vallance: Six key moments as chief scientific adviser

March 2023

Research Fortnight (30/03): UK government R&D spending dropped by £803m in 2021-22

Research Fortnight (15/03): Jeremy Hunt announces tax credit boost for R&D-intensive firms

POLITICO Pro Morning Tech UK (15/03): Budget hopes — Ofcom’s next move — DSIT portfolios

Physics World (14/03): Scientists say UK must rejoin Horizon Europe to bolster ‘science superpower’ claims

Science Business (07/03): UK’s new science superpower plan makes no mention of joining Horizon Europe

The Chemical Engineer (07/03): Government announces new £370m Science and Technology Framework to boost UK innovation

Research Fortnight (07/03): Nurse says UK should ‘double R&D funding within 10 years’

BBC News (07/03): Nobel scientist says ‘UK research is in jeopardy’

Times Higher Education (02/03): Get Horizon association ‘swiftly over the line’, sector urges

Times Higher Education (02/03): Joining Horizon Europe could take a year, says George Freeman

Research Fortnight (02/03): Calls mount for swift UK association to EU R&D schemes

Bloomberg (01/03): Brexit Hopes Extend to Pet Food, Parmesan and Prawn Sandwiches

Research Fortnight (01/03): Freeman fears another lost year before Horizon association

February 2023

WonkHE (28/02): The future is a scary place – people need to see how R&D can help

Science (28/02): U.K. scientists hope to regain access to EU grants after Northern Ireland deal

Research Fortnight (28/02): Tough times put public support for R&D at risk

Research Fortnight (28/02): UK public support for R&D is ‘fragile’

Times Higher Education (28/02): Financial pressures ‘erode public support for research spending’

POLITICO Pro Morning Tech UK (28/02): Data bill is back — Joy on the Horizon — Donelan interviewed

Express (27/02): Britain gains access to EU’s £84bn Horizon Europe scheme as part of new Brexit deal

Times Higher Education (27/02): End to UK’s Horizon roadblock in sight but deal on money needed

The Chemical Engineer (27/02): Research community doubts UK’s ‘science superpower’ ambition as BEIS returns £1.6bn Horizon funding

Independent (27/02): ‘Good news for science’: EU chief says Brexit deal means UK can join Horizon

Mail Online (27/02): Britain will be able to rejoin EU’s £84bn Horizon Europe scheme as part of new Brexit deal

Financial Times (27/02): UK scientists hail prospect of Horizon re-entry after Brexit deal

Nature (23/02): Will UK science’s ‘lost’ £1.6 billion ever come back?

Engineering and Technology (22/02): BEIS returns £1.6bn allocated to Horizon Europe

The Engineer (22/02): BEIS surrenders £1.6bn R&D funding to treasury

Press Association via Independent (22/02): Scientists criticise Treasury for taking back £1.6bn funding

Press Association via Belfast Telegraph (22/02): Scientists criticise Treasury for taking back £1.6bn funding

BBC News (21/02): Treasury takes back £1.6bn promised for science

Express (21/02): UK slashes £1.6bn from ‘Plan B’ to EU scheme after bitter Brexit snub

Research Fortnight (21/02): R&D is once again collateral damage in the row over the Northern Ireland protocol

Times Higher Education (21/02): UK government’s £1.6 billion Horizon clawback ‘breaks R&D pledge’

Science Business (21/02): Money set aside for UK participation in Horizon Europe returned to the Treasury

Research Fortnight (21/02): Beis ‘surrenders’ £1.6bn earmarked for EU research access

Research Fortnight (21/02): Warm welcome for chief scientific adviser Angela McLean

The Engineer (21/02): Professor Dame Angela McLean named Chief Scientific Adviser

Times Higher Education (21/02): Oxford professor Angela McLean named UK chief scientific adviser

Research Fortnight (13/02): Science minister’s Horizon Europe comments spark concern

iNews (08/02): What the Government’s new science department should do first, according to experts

Physics World (08/02): Science elevated to cabinet position in UK government shake-up

Nature (07/02): UK government announces new science department and minister

Times Higher Education (07/02): Michelle Donelan to lead new science department in UK government

Research Fortnight (07/02): UK reshuffle raises questions, encouragement and eyebrows

Research Fortnight (02/02): Hone your message and be savvy, says R&D advocacy report

January 2023

Research Fortnight (30/01): Open-access publisher Frontiers joins Case advocacy group

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