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Launching our R&D advocacy toolkit

07 Dec 2023

Politicians and the public don’t necessarily view R&D in the same way, yet as advocates we may not be changing our messages to suit our audience. 

To help advocates working across the UK’s research system to engage with either group, we are today launching the first part of our advocacy toolkit.

Over the past 18 months, CaSE’s Discovery Decade project has extensively explored how the public think and feel about R&D and R&D investment. We have now surveyed 20,000 people through five nationally-representative polls and held 14 focus groups across the UK. 

Combining this data with insights from experts across the R&D sector, we have developed two guides for organisations and individuals who want to make R&D matter to more people, whether that’s the public or politicians. 

We hope these guides are useful in your influencing activities, and we welcome you sharing the content and repurposing it for your own work. 

CaSE’s Guide for Engaging the Public

The first guide is for anyone who wants to engage the public about R&D. We set out the role of ‘Purpose and Place’ as the best way to reach new audiences, and share specific advice on how best to talk about R&D.

CaSE’s Guide for Enaging Politicians

The second is for anyone who is speaking to politicians about R&D, whether at national, regional or local levels. We set out the ‘Five Facts’ we want decision-makers to hear about R&D and public opinion, which we believe can help us build long-term, cross-party political support.