With R&D funding set to rise over the next ten years, CaSE and the Wellcome Trust are looking at how best to make the case to ensure we secure the benefits of this investment.

The R&D Decade: making our case

The UK stands at the start of a decade where R&D investment could increase by almost 50%. Action among political leaders can be strengthened with a combined effort from advocates across the research sector. But after a decade defending against austerity, the sector’s approach needs to match the scale of this new opportunity.

Why this is important

Research can transform lives and we want to see the investment needed to overcome the challenges facing the world. With the Government making positive statements about the future of public investment in research, we want to secure the benefits these promises could deliver.

What we’re doing

CaSE and the Wellcome Trust want to work with others to find the most effective way to make our case.

We’ve started by exploring how the public talk about research online. Over the coming months, we’ll be using this as a starting point for conversations with advocates across and outside the research sector. To help us with this, and ensure we’re taking an objective view on our work as advocates, we’ve commissioned policy specialists Public First to assist us.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be working with Public First to:

  • Review the advocacy approaches that have been used in other campaigns and sectors, including those centred around financial targets.
  • Host a small number of focus groups to hear perspectives from the different clusters of advocates involved in the research community – from industry, to academia, to third sector organisations.
  • Consolidate all that we’ve learnt and use it to construct a range of advocacy approaches that might help the sector work together more effectively.

After working to refine these different models of advocacy, we will publish our findings in May 2020. We hope this will provoke an informed conversation across the sector about what comes next.

If this process is to deliver useful reflections for us all, we’ll need your help. Together we can secure the full potential of the R&D Decade.

You can read all of CaSE's recent work on R&D investment here, as well as our #CaSEforresearch campaign