CaSE figures on science budget

The UK science budget currently stands at £5.9bn of which £4.8bn is resource and £1.1bn is capital (2016/17)

This was due to increase by inflation to £6.3bn by 2020 (£5.1bn resource, £1.2bn capital)

We expect that the additional £2bn a year by 2020 announced by the Chancellor would take this figure to £8.3bn in 2020-21

Case figures on the EU science budget

The UK received €8.8bn in EU funding for R&D between 2007 and 2013 from FP7 and structural funds. (€1.26bn a year)

The indicative UK contribution for this period was €5.4bn resulting in a net gain over 7 years of €3.4bn

The UK currently receives an estimated £1.55bn a year in Horizon 2020 and structural funds (€1.72bn a year).

Official ONS figures on R&D (2014 latest year of data)

Latest release: 18 March 2016 relating to 2014 Next release: 16 March 2017

Total investment in R&D (GERD) = £30.6 bn

Total investment in R&D as a percentage of GDP = 1.67%

OECD average = 2.38%. Germany = 2.9%. France = 2.26%

Total UK government R&D spend = £8.7bn

(of which departmental spend = £3.4bn; science budget = £5.3bn)

Total UK government spend as a percentage of GDP =0.48%

EU15 average = 0.68%  

Average international ratio of public to private investment is 1:2

Reaching 3% target

Current GERD spend = £30.6bn

Total GERD spend to reach EU2020 target of 3% of GDP*= £54.9bn

Total GERD increase to reach 3% = £24.3bn

Gov GERD increase to reach 3%** = £8.1bn (taking £2bn announcement into account means approx additional £6.1bn a year would be needed to reach 3% target)

Current GERD as a % of GDP including the recently announced £2bn increase = 1.78%

Current GERD as a % of GDP including the recently announced £2bn and £4bn potential increase from private sources** = 2%


*based on current GDP, but by 2020 GDP will have changed and R&D is part of GDP calculation

** Taking into account average ratio of public to private spend is 1:2 and public investment crowds in private investment

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