CaSE's response draws on member engagement following the EU referendum and extensive work we undertook in 2015-16 on immigration.

Summary of key points

  • Science and engineering are a central pillar of the UK economy and deliver great social, cultural, and health benefits across the UK
  • Immigration contributes to the UK’s science and engineering strength
  • Any future immigration system must support the retention, access and movement of those who lead, undertake and support research and innovation
  • The public support immigration of scientists, engineers and students, and pursuing a policy of reducing the number of highly-skilled migrants coming to the UK would be contrary to the views of 88% of the public
  • To build more consensus, the Government must lead the way on transparency, use of evidence, and nuance in relation to immigration in policy development and public announcements
  • Government statements, domestic immigration policy and international negotiating positions must reflect and support the Government’s wider ambitions for science and innovation
  • The Government must actively promote the UK as a place to learn, earn and contribute, and work to combat the current hostile climate towards migrants in the UK.