This report from the Careers & Enterprise Company surveys the state of careers education provision in England in 2017 against eight Benchmarks developed by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

In 2014, The Gatsby Charitable Foundation developed eight Benchmarks for careers education which are detailed in their “Good career guidance” report. This report describes progress based on responses from 578 secondary schools, highlighting that the Benchmarks are achievable, with significant progress already made towards achieving them, but that there is much work left to be done to ensure that good careers guidance is accessed by every child.


  • Schools are currently only fully meeting an average of 1.87 of the 8 benchmarks, which has increased from an average of 1.34 in 2014/2015.
  • Only 0.5% of schools fully achieving all 8 Benchmarks.
  • Schools are meeting around 50% of the indicators that make up the Benchmarks on average, and manage to at least partially achieve 6.4 of 8 Benchmarks.

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