The results of the report quantify the strength of digital technology in the UK.

The survey analysed over 1,000 points of data from 2,700 company founders and employees. The report includes findings about investment in digital technology, and the effects that digital tech companies have in revenue and creating jobs. The report also breaks down the contributions of such companies throughout different regions in the UK, complete with case studies.


  • In 2016 UK digital tech investment reached £6.8 billion, 50% higher than any other European country
  • Over the past five years London has attracted more investment than Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam combined
  • The turnover of digital tech businesses reached £170 billion, an increase of £30 billion in five years
  • There are now 1.64 million digital tech jobs in the UK, and the digital sector is creating jobs 2X faster than the non-digital sector
  • 68% of total UK digital tech investment in 2016 was in regional clusters beyond London

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