This report shows public opinion figures about immigration

British Future have taken the opportunity to reflect on a tumultuous General Election campaign and the effect that the balance of the new Parliament may have on the future of immigration policy. The findings from the report show that those on both sides of the Brexit debate support a balance of controlled immigration and a strong economy.

The report concludes by discussing how immigration laws should look post-Brexit. The findings show a general consensus across the full political spectrum, support for continued high-skilled migration but greater powers over low-skilled migration.


In collaboration with ICM, British Future conducted a number of polls asking the public about migration, and the types of migration that the public are in favour of increasing, maintaining or reducing.

  • 22% of Britons believe that immigration should be prioritised over business and the economy. This figure rises to 34% when polling those who voted Leave in the EU referendum.
  • 44% of Britons would like to see the migration of scientists and engineers to increase, while 42% think it should remain the same.
  • A quarter of those asked would like to see the number of non-UK students decrease, while only one in five believe that the number of non-UK students should increase.
  • 63% of respondents agreed with the following statement; The Government should control low-skilled immigration through an annual cap while allowing skilled migrants to come to the UK as before.

To read more from British Future, visit their website.