This report from PwC highlights the distinct gender gap in consideration of technology careers.

The technology sector is strongly male-dominated as a whole, especially at higher levels where only 5% of leadership positions held by women. This report highlights that the lack of gender diversity in the industry is unlikely to improve in the short-term, as there is a distinct gender gap in those considering technology careers at university and pre-university stages. 


  • 67%  of UK CEOs say recruiting people with digital skills is difficult, compared with only 43% of CEOs in the US and just 24% in China.
  • A survey of 2,176 university and final year A-level, BTEC or equivalent students in 2017 showed that:
    • Only 27% of female respondents would consider a career in technology, compared to 62% of males.
    • 33% of male respondents say they’ve had a career in technology suggested to them compared to only 16% of females.   
    • Only 22% of all respondents can name a famous female working in technology.

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