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CaSE 2018-19 Annual Review

22 Oct 2019

CaSE has published its Annual Review for 2018-19, giving a summary of its activities and campaign achievements over the last year.

CaSE has made great strides this year in representing the science and engineering perspective on issues at the top of the national agenda. As politics remains turbulent, CaSE has embedded its UK-wide presence, working with all parties across the UK’s parliaments and assemblies to emphasise the importance of support for research and innovation. 

Notable successes include:

  • Securing a commitment from Government for increased investment in science 
  • Winning changes to visa rules to better attract overseas talent
  • Publishing a new report on R&D investment 
  • Highlighting the risks of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit for UK science and engineering
  • Welcoming 11 new organisational members
  • Holding over 170 meetings with members, politicians, and the wider sector

CaSE is thriving and looking forward to the year ahead, always seeking to ensure the UK has the skills, funding and policies to enable science and engineering to thrive. 

CaSE 2018-19 Annual Review

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