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‘Shaping the Future’ – CaSE 30th Anniversary Booklet

16 Nov 2016

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, CaSE published a series of guest articles on the role of science and engineering over the next 30 years, in a booklet entitled ‘Shaping the Future ‘

The booklet was launched at CaSE’s anniversary event on 14th November 2016, featuring Professor Brian Cox and the Science Minister Jo Johnson, at Senate House, University of London.

Writing in the foreward CaSE Director Dr Sarah Main said:

“I believe that science, politics and society are intertwined. I admit, I didn’t feel the hand of politics in my work at the bench when I was a cancer researcher, but I noticed its effects. What a scientist will devote their life to, what a person believes is worth their support, and what a politician will stand and speak for all has an effect on what get done.

The Campaign for Science and Engineering provides a voice for science in politics. In celebrating our 30th anniversary, I want to think about the role of science and engineering in society over the next 30 years and ask what questions that raises for us as a scientific community, a Government and a society today.

The authors of these articles have all tackled the opportunities and challenges ahead, the progress we might reasonably expect, and the implications for us today. I thank all the authors for rising to this challenge and I hope the broad spectrum of views offered raises questions in your mind and prompts a few conversation.”

The booklet was sponsored by Elsevier and features pieces by NASA Chief Scientist Dr Ellen Stofan, former Science Minister
Lord David Willetts and Professor Dame Athene Donald.

The pieces in the booklet are part of a larger series of 30 articles we’ve posted online.

Shaping the Future – 30 years of science and engineering