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CaSE letter in The Times

14 May 2021

Read a letter from Professor Sarah Main on the Queen’s speech and CaSE’s latest report

Sir, The Queen’s Speech promised a UK that is both a “science superpower” and a country with “level” opportunity nationwide. These two goals can be met by enhancing science education provision in all primary and secondary schools. To unlock scientific growth we must inspire an increasingly diverse group of people to become scientists and engineers, and equip all young people with the skills to take advantage of advances in research and innovation so that young people can create, and prosper in, a more innovative UK.

In its report Inspiring Innovation, the Campaign for Science & Engineering puts forward proposals including the creation of comprehensive support packages to attract teachers to schools in disadvantaged areas, and developing a central system of subject-specific continuing professional development in each nation of the UK. Keeping science a practical subject in all schools is critical to inspiring innovation. The government and devolved administrations have the perfect opportunity to put high-quality science education at the heart of the “levelling up” agenda and our future prosperity.

Professor Sarah Main
Executive Director


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