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CaSE Submission – Life Sciences and Industrial Strategy inquiry

23 Oct 2017

CaSE responds to the House of Lords Science & Technology committee inquiry on Life Sciences and the Industrial Strategy.

This inquiry was the first of the new parliamentary session for the House of Lords Science & Technology committee. Following the Industrial Strategy green paper published by the Government in January 2017, the Government commissioned five sector strategies, one of which was the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy led by Sir John Bell. The purpose of this inquiry was to assess whether the Government has the necessary structures to support the life science sector in the UK, and to critically analyse the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy. 

The summary of CaSE’s key points are:

  • The Government has a central role to play in the funding of research and development to maximise the economic benefits of science.

  • The Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, and each sector strategy, must integrate with the overarching Industrial Strategy.

  • The availability of a skilled workforce is key to the success of the life sciences, and all of research and innovation in the UK.

  • UK-EU collaborations are of immense value to scientific research and concerted efforts should be made to maintain collaborative research.

Download the full response