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CaSE submission to the Lords Inquiry into Scientific Infrastructure

23 Nov 2013

Read CaSE’s response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee report on scientific infrastructure.

Our response considers the questions:

  1. What role should the Government play in ensuring that there is an effective long-term strategy for meeting future scientific infrastructure needs?
  2. What impact has removing capital spend from the ring-fenced budget had on investment in scientific infrastructure and should the ring-fenced science budget be redefined to include an element of capital spend?
  3. If the current funding level is maintained or reduced, what would be the longer term impacts on scientific infrastructure in the UK? 
  4. To what extent do funding structures in the UK help or hinder involvement in EU and international projects, and should the level of UK involvement be improved?
  5. What impact does publicly funded scientific infrastructure have in terms of supporting innovation and stimulating the UK’s economy?

Download the full response