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CaSE writes to the new PM Liz Truss

07 Sep 2022

Following her appointment yesterday CaSE has written to the new Prime Minister urging her to put science and innovation at the heart of the UK’s future.

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulations on becoming leader of the Conservative Party and the UK’s new Prime Minister. I am writing to urge you to pursue the ambitious goal of the two preceding Conservative administrations to put science and innovation at the heart of the UK’s future.

The UK has significant R&D capability in academia and industry. It is already addressing pressing national issues, such as developing new energy capability that will alleviate the cost of living and climate change, in a way that will improve people’s lives and livelihoods.

The past year has seen welcome commitments: a three-year spending review allocation for R&D, a long-term settlement for UK Research & Innovation, and a significant increase in wider Departmental R&D budgets.

Now is the time to stay the course and reap the rewards of that investment. This stable, upward trajectory for R&D investment can drive growth across the economy, if it has the backing of your new Government. Reaffirming commitment to long-term investment targets will assure businesses of the security of their own investment plans and, importantly, attract the most talented researchers to build their careers in the UK.

I urge you to build on the current foundations and take the UK’s ambitions higher, looking towards a target of investing 3% of GDP into R&D – a level that would secure the UK’s place on the world stage. We stand at a pivotal moment for the R&D sector. I hope your Government will press ahead with placing R&D at the heart of the UK’s future, and delivering the improvements to lives and livelihoods that it offers.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Sarah Main 

Executive Director