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Innovate UK delivery plan in 2 numbers & 3 images

08 Apr 2016

Naomi Weir takes a look at the Innovate UK delivery plan and crunches the numbers.

Innovate UK published their 2016-17 delivery plan this week and in my view one of the key changes is perhaps best illustrated by two numbers and three images.


the number of pages in the 2014-15 Innovate UK delivery plan


the number of pages in the 2016-17 Innovate UK delivery plan

Depiction of core spend in the 2014-15 delivery plan

in the 2015-16 delivery plan

and in the 2016-17 delivery plan

The first finding of last year’s Dowling Review was that public support for the innovation system is too complex, recommending that Government, including Innovate UK, work to simplify the system where possible, and that every effort should be made to ‘hide the wiring’ from businesses and academics seeking support. If the delivery plan is anything to go by, it looks like the Innovate UK team, led by Ruth McKernan, are getting on with it.