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It’s 4Growth Report

04 Dec 2012

CaSE and Nesta have published a report, calling on the Government to invest the proceeds from the forthcoming 4G spectrum auction in science and engineering.

Industry experts predict that up to £4billion could be raised by the Government in auctioning off the UK’s 4G mobile spectrum. CaSE and Nesta argues that the money, which is a return on past generations’ investment in science and technology, should be reinvested in helping the UK become a growing, high-tech economy. This report details how the government could make such proposals a reality.

The 4Growth campaign also set up an online petition, backed by leading figures from the world of science and technology, including physicist Brian Cox, former President of the Royal Society Lord Martin Rees, Noble laureate Andre Geim, and doctor and author Ben Goldacre.

It's 4Growth Report