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Making a CaSE for science

04 Aug 2017

Policy Officer, James Tooze, reflects on his first three weeks at CaSE.

I am very excited to be joining CaSE in this particularly interesting and uncertain period in the UK! In the coming months, the country will be going through a great deal of change, and I want to help ensure that the importance of science and engineering is not underestimated. I would like to give special thanks to the 12 organisations who have joint funded my role, without whom this opportunity would not have been possible.

My first couple of weeks have allowed me the opportunity to embed into the team, and has also given me the chance to meet with MP’s, senior civil servants and experts from across the science and technology sector. Given the relative size of the organisation, the levels of political engagement that CaSE undertake, and the reputation that the organisation commands, is a true testament to the hard work that continues to be carried out here.

Following my Chemistry undergraduate degree, I studied for a Masters in Science Communication from the University of Edinburgh. This allowed me to combine my passions for the furtherment of science with my lasting interest in politics. After a short period at the Society of Chemical Industry, I am relishing the opportunity to support CaSE’s vision.

One of my initial responsibilities is to manage our new evidence base resource, continuing to populate our pages with a selection of sector reports. I will be heavily involved in our consultation responses, as well as supporting all things policy related. I hope that my work (and just by providing an extra pair of hands!) will make a contribution to CaSE, our members and our drive towards strengthening the future of science and engineering in the UK.