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Maximising local economic impacts of R&D investment in the North East

17 Jan 2020

Unattributed summary of CaSE roundtable at NETPark on Wednesday 4th December 2019.

This roundtable discussion with participants from across the North East’s diverse research and innovation community, including industry, academia and local government, was convened to explore the distinctive role the North East can play in supporting prosperous communities across the UK through the Place agenda and investment in research and development (R&D). The strengths of the North East in increasing research intensity and the enablers and barriers on the path to meeting this goal were discussed.

This summary is not CaSE policy but will form part of our ongoing programme of work on the place agenda. CaSE are leading discussions across the UK to collect an evidence base on place-based R&D interventions and how different sectors collaborate to facilitate local economic growth. This roundtable is part of a series focusing on the Place agenda, to understand how best to support the delivery of local benefits and growth from R&D investment.

Download the full summary here