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Science and Engineering in the Devolved Nations

01 Apr 2011

CaSE’s engagement around the 2011 elections in the devolved nations.

This report was produced in the run-up to the devolved elections of May 2011. It makes a series of recommendations for political parties campaigning for office and for the incoming assemblies and governments. CaSE also produced a more extensive background paper that conveys current science and engineering policies in each nations and provides the rationale for the policy recommendations in our working brief.

All parties running for election should clearly articulate their intentions for science and engineering so that voters can make informed decisions about these critical areas for their future wellbeing and prosperity. CaSE produced three summaries offering core recommendations to all parties:

CaSE has also analysed responses from the leaders of the devolved administrations, and taken further detail from party manifestos to produce three snapshots:

Science Engineering and the Devolved Nations