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Unlocking the potential of PSREs

17 May 2022

This briefing seeks to improve the government and research sector’s understanding of public sector research establishments while also providing tangible recommendations that help elevate their contributions to the research system.

CaSE has welcomed the government’s commitment to increase the yearly public R&D budget to £20bn by 2024/25 and reach an R&D intensity of 2.4% GDP by 2027, but as outlined in our ambitions for 2022, we are now concentrating on ensuring the UK makes the most of this new investment.

We believe this additional investment should be underpinned by a cross-government strategy that prioritises coordination and collaboration across and within government, academia and industry. Our report makes the case that this needs to focus on using all parts of the system, particularly those that are currently under-represented or -valued.

The briefing synthesises what we heard from over 30 PSREs about:

  • The role of PSREs in the UK’s research and innovation system.
  • The strengths of and challenges facing PSREs.
  • What the government and research sector need to do to better utilize PSREs.

Download the full report