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Uplift in research funding for Scottish universities

25 Jun 2018

Read our brief analysis and reaction to today’s announcement

Today the Scottish Government announced an £11.6m increase in research and innovation funding to be delivered by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC). This extra funding is new money for SFC to allocate to universities through Research Excellence Grants (Scottish QR funding) and the University Innovation Fund. This announcement is a boost to allocations of funding previously announced earlier in the year.

SFC will now deliver £296.2m of research and innovation funding in the academic year 2018/19, up from the previously allocated £284.6, 4% increase to the research budget. SFC funding was on an upward trajectory even before today’s announcement, up from £278.6m for the academic year 2017/18. With the new funding, this means that from last year (17/18), available funding has increased by 6%.

The Scottish Government say that they hope this announcement will help to support and boost Scottish universities’ links with industrial partners.

Commenting on the announcement, Executive Director Dr Sarah Main said: 

“This is a wise move by the Scottish Government that will enable Scotland to maximise its share of the UK’s competitive research and innovation funding, which has received a substantial uplift from the Treasury. Not only that, but it will provide a strong platform for global research partnerships too. This will bring benefit directly back to Scotland in ideas that enhance wellbeing, our environment and prosperity, as well as generating high quality jobs and economic opportunity. Devolved and regional governments around the UK would do well to consider how they can similarly strengthen their platform for research funding success.”