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Annual Lecture 2023 – Professor Dame Angela McLean

Watch the recording of our 2023 Lecture

CaSE is delighted that our 2023 Annual Lecture will be given by the Government Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Dame Angela McLean.

We are very excited that in our 33rd Annual Lecture we will hear from Prof Dame Angela McLean, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA). The role of the GCSA is to ensure that decisions across government are based on the best possible evidence and provide independent advice, scrutiny and challenge at the highest levels of government. In a year that has seen the creation of a new dedicated department for Science Innovation and Technology, Dame Angela will discuss the importance of government policies being informed by the best scientific evidence and strategic long-term thinking, and the role the Science and Technology Framework has in this.

We are thrilled to be hosting this year’s lecture in the Science Museum’s IMAX Cinema. The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception.

Event Details

21 November 2023
17:00 PM – 20:20 PM
Science Museum IMAX Cinema


This year’s lecture is once again sponsored by Elsevier and Advanced Research Clusters (ARC). We are extremely grateful to them for their support.

Elsevier is a leader in information and analytics for customers across the global research and health ecosystems. We do this by facilitating insights and critical decision-making for customers across the global research and health ecosystems. As part of our mission to help researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society, we have partnered with Economist Impact and leading science organisations for a global collaboration to understand the impact of the pandemic on Confidence in Research — and identify areas for action to support researchers.

ARC is the smarter real estate partner for science and innovation. We concentrate innovation companies in Advanced Research Clusters — place-based clusters at the leading edges of major knowledge economies like Oxford and London. Unique ecosystems that accelerate commercial growth by providing the best possible working environments for our members.

Offices, coworking, cleanrooms, accelerator labs, and leading open access R&D facilities — discover flexible science-ready spaces within green, energising environments and community events in places designed to motivate and inspire.

Our members are able to optimise their businesses from an active partner landlord that mentors as well as provides space. They can take advantage of new ways to promote themselves using ARC as a platform, and they join a growing network of innovators that will one day be worldwide.  We’re solving the business of science so science can change the world.

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