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CaSE Skills Policy Workshop 2023

Join CaSE for an exciting CaSE member policy workshop kindly hosted by Diamond Light Source.

The event will be looking at exploring the solutions to the skills needs of a more R&D intensive economy. We are delighted to share CaSE’s latest work exploring the landscape of education and skills for R&D. This will be an opportunity for CaSE members to discuss the emerging findings and the way forward for education and skills policy if the UK is to deliver on its research and innovation ambitions.

We will use some of recently published findings from CaSE’s Discovery Decade project to explore how R&D connects with children and their parents. Our Discovery Decade data suggests that age groups below 44 years-old are more sceptical about public investment into R&D, and are less likely to see it as something that benefits them. With our expert panellists, we’ll explore how those championing R&D can find new ways to communicate R&D’s relevance to younger generations – in particular, to children and their parents.

Email to register, or if you have any questions regarding the event.

Booking your place

21 March 2023
10:30 AM – 15:30 PM
Diamond Light Source, Diamond House, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Didcot, OX11 0DE
Email to register

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Programme and Registration


10:30 – Welcome – Professor Sarah Main, Executive Director, CaSE

10:40 – Overview of the skills and education work – Daniel Rathbone, Assistant Director, CaSE

11:00 – Group discussion session: the role of education and skills for UK R&D and way forward for policy (introduction in plenary, followed by discussions in break-out groups) – all

12:00 – Lunch and tour of the facilities – all

14:00 – Keynote – TBC

14:20 – Panel: How can R&D reach children and their parents 5 min opening presentation per speaker, then 30 mins Q&A

15:25 – Wrap-up and closing remarks – Professor Sarah Main, Executive Director, CaSE

15:30 –  Event end

Registering for the event

As a secure site all visitor names will need to be registered in advance and they may be asked to provide secondary identification in the form of a recognised form of photographic ID (these are spot checks and so not all will be asked)

There is a limited capacity of 30 attendees at this event, spaces will be assigned on a first come first served basis, however to ensure access for as many members as possible we will be limiting spaces to one person per member organisation. If you would like to attend the event, please provide us with the details below which will be shared with Diamond Light Source to register you at the site:

  • First name, surname
  • Job role/title
  • Affiliation
  • Contact email address
  • Any specific dietary requirements (particularly allergies) as there will be catering provided throughout the day
  • Any accessibility requirements that we should be aware of in advance

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