As a trusted source of independent and responsive analysis, we regularly comment in the media on a wide range of science and engineering issues. Below you will find a list of all the recent appearances CaSE has made in print, broadcast and electronic media. 

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August 2020

Biochemical Society (13/08): New survey reveals concerns from early career researchers 

July 2020

HEPI blog (27/07): Over the Horizon 

Research Fortnight (08/07): Keeping an eye on UKRI

Research Fortnight (08/07): R&D sector welcomes support package

Research Fortnight (08/07): UKRI is more than a funder

Science (01/07): United Kingdom plans ‘office for talent’ to smooth entry for top scientists

Research Fortnight (01/07): R&D roadmap welcomed, but gaps and worries already seen

June 2020

Chemistry UK (09/06): Amid pandemic, UK is on track to double science funding by 2024

Times Higher Education ( 09/06): UK Academic Salon 2020: video highlights and report

New Electronics (02/06): Government on track to give science a boost

May 2020

Research Fortnight (27/05): Next UKRI chief to start role amid pressure on funding

April 2020

Times Higher Education (01/04): How could the coronavirus crisis change research spending?

March 2020

Chemistry World (11/03): Speaking up for UK science

BBC News (11/03): Chancellor pledges big increase to research spend

Science (11/03): UK cues up big funding increases for R&D

The Financial Times (11/03): Research and development investment to rise to record £22bn

February 2020

BBC News (27/02): PM gives green light to post-Brexit EU research deal

Research Fortnight (26/02): Doubling science spend

Chemistry World (24/02): Government reshuffle splits UK science minister brief

Science Busness (20/02): UK government finally confirms new science minister

January 2020

New Electronics (28/01): A fast track - but to where?

Chemistry World (21/01): Future of UK science hangs in the balance in crucial year

The Financial Times (07/01: Science world hails Johnson’s post-Brexit bid to boost R&D

December 2019

New Civil Engineer (13/12): Industry urges Johnson to ‘turbo charge’ infrastructure

The Engineer (13/12): General Election 2019: reaction & round-up

Nature (13/12): UK election dashes scientists’ hopes of staying in the EU

Nature (06/12): What the United Kingdom’s ‘Brexit election’ means for science

Wellcome (04/12): To secure investment, science must tell its story better

Science Business (03/12): UK general election: how far do the parties go on science?

November 2019

Science (29/11): U.K. parties stake out science stances in ‘Brexit election’

Science (26/11): Stark party differences in ‘Brexit election’ could shape future of U.K. science

Science Business (20/11): UK election debate: candidates challenged to reverse Brexit’s huge reputational hit to science

The Financial Times (18/11): How will Brexit hit research?

The Chemical Engineer (15/11): UK Prime Minister promises funding for CCS and R&D

October 2019

Research Fortnight (16/10): Queen's speech trials a radical shake up of science

Science Business (15/10): UK government sets out plan for DARPA-like funding agency for research

Science (04/10): Split decisions 

September 2019

Research Fortnight (18/09): Return of two-year post-study visas hailed

The Chemical Engineer (13/09): UK gives international students two years to stay following graduation

The Guardian (11/09): UK universities welcome U-turn on student visas

WalesOnline (05/09): Sir David Attenborough calls for Welsh Government to ban the teaching of religion as science

August 2019

Research Fortnight (20/08): Concern over plans for sudden end to freedom of movement

The Guardian (15/08): Female students outnumber males in A-level science entries

The Chemical Engineer (13/08): UK will fast track visas for top scientists post-Brexit

Chemistry World (12/08): Research would be a ‘casualty’ if English higher education review acted on, Lords warn

Science (09/08): Boris Johnson pledges to ease U.K. research visas, but plows ahead toward Brexit

BBC News (08/08): PM to 'supercharge' UK science with fast visa system

July 2019

Science (29/07): U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s hardline Brexit stance stokes fears for scientists

Times Higher Education (02/07): English universities welcome boost in QR research funding

Nature (02/07): Call to back science 

June 2019

BBC News (27/06): Tory hopefuls told not to squander UK science progress

Times Higher Education (17/06): The UK’s next PM should keep Theresa May’s R&D spending commitments

BBC Radio 4 (13/07): Inside Science

May 2019

Research Fortnight (30/05): CaSE sets out plan for 2.4% R&D target

BBC News (29/05): Ministers told back up science vision or risk UK stagnation

The Guardian (01/05): The biggest government pledge to science spending for 40 years – but who benefits?

March 2019

City AM (19/03): The UK government should take inspiration from an unlikely source when writing its post-Brexit migration plan

The Independent (14/03): Was Spreadsheet Phil on the money?

The Daily Telegraph (14/03): Immigration rules eased to help firms attract top talent

The Herald (14/03): Capital sum for computers

Science Business (14/03): UK chancellor confirms £200M plan for medical lasers, genomics and a new supercomputer

Engineering and Technology Magazine (13/03): Chancellor announces decarbonisation drive and £200m science funding

The Irish News (13/03): Supercomputer to benefit from Hammond's £200m science package

The Financial Times (13/03): UK vows to invest £200m in ‘cutting edge’ science

February 2019

IT Pro (15/02): The visa system is failing the tech industry

Felix (08/02): What next for science in a No-Deal Brexit?