'A Decade of Success'

Celebrating CaSE's achievements over the last decade 2010 - 2021

Since its creation in 1986 CaSE has fought hard on behalf of the entire science and engineering sector to ensure that the UK has the skills, funding and policies for the sector to thrive. This work has been even more important and valuable from 2010 onwards, as the sector has faced an ongoing series of challenges and obstacles, from real term cuts in funding to restrictions on influencing policymakers.

We have compiled four case studies below, illustrating CaSE's vital role in standing up for the sector and a unique organisational strength that we utilised in each case study to achieve success; the importance of evidence to underpin what we want to say; being an impartial and trusted voice; working hard to develop good relations with policy and decision makers; and harnessing the media and bringing the entire sector together to speak with one voice.

By using these key strengths over the last decade, CaSE has been able to fulfil its mission and cement its reputation as the leading independent advocate for science and engineering in the UK.

You can read more about our recent successes in our 2020-21 Annual Review.