The Covid-19 pandemic has only reinforced the need for R&D to play a far greater role in our economy and society. The Government has set ambitious targets for investment in research over the next five years. To ensure that these commitments become a reality in the face of competing pressures, it is vital that political support be backed up by public support for investment in R&D. 

For the initial stage of the 'R&D Decade' project, CaSE and the Wellcome Trust collaborated with policy specialists Public First to review advocacy approaches taken by other sectors and consolidate this evidence into a report, Advocating for R&D Investment.

CaSE has now secured a grant from Wellcome to take forward the next stage of the project, looking to transform public attitudes and build a broad and lasting base of support for research funding. The grant will enable CaSE to hone the evidence, messages and techniques needed to build widespread public support for R&D investment and share best methods of working with others in the sector.