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CaSE responds to announcement of new Advanced Research and Invention Agency

19 Feb 2021

The UK government has announced plans for the Advanced Research & Invention Agency (ARIA), a new body to fund ‘high-risk, high-reward’ scientific research.

The new agency will be independent of government and led by researchers who are able to identify and invest in cutting-edge areas of research and technology.

The agency will be established via legislation with Government aiming to have it operational by 2022.

Commenting on the announcement, CaSE Assistant Director Director Daniel Rathbone said:

“I welcome the Government’s pledge to give significant autonomy to the new agency enabling scientists and researchers to use their expertise to invest in projects they believe have potential, something CaSE has previously called for. The Government should make a significant effort to attract the best and most well-connected individuals to the agency.”

“Lessons from similar agencies overseas shows that, as well as speed and flexibility, ARIA will need longevity and continuity of funding in order to succeed – establishing the agency through legislation should help to ensure this. There must also be a clear purpose for the new agency and support mechanisms to encourage pull-through and adoption of new discoveries and disruptive technologies by the public sector.”