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CaSE responds to Philip Hammond guaranteeing EU funding for science

15 Aug 2016

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced on Saturday that the UK government will underwrite the payments of all EU funding for universities and businesses beyond the date that the UK leaves the EU.

Responding to the Chancellor’s statement, CaSE Director, Dr Sarah Main, said:

“I feel upbeat because the political signs for science are good. Theresa May has said she wants a ‘positive outcome for science’ from the EU negotiations, and now Treasury have provided much-needed reassurance to researchers in the UK and across Europe that the UK is still in the game as a reliable player in research funding bids. This is a great first step.”

“The assurance that the Treasury will underwrite successful EU research bids up until the UK exits the EU, and for the lifetime of the award after we leave the EU, is a considerable commitment that potentially stretches 7-10 years into the future. This surely shows the commitment of the Government to science.” 

“What we need now is to secure the longer term conditions that will enable science to thrive – a suite of policies that sustain flow of global talent, an ‘in house’ regulatory framework for the UK that enables us to work with the whole world, and an investment programme that sees the UK step up to the ambition for research and innovation set by Europe and the United States.”